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Orland Park is the place I call home

Orland Park, Illinois is a beautiful city with lots of interesting and fun places to visit. The village has more than 50 different recreational parks, nature trails, and sporting arenas. One of my favorite places is the Centennial Park Aquatic Center. My family and I have been going there during the summer every year since […]

Could be a good honeymoon destination

It has been tough with COVID and planning a honeymoon. My fiance and I had grand plans to travel abroad to a new country for our honeymoon. It looks like that isn’t going to work. Finding somewhere in the United States was tough. I decided to book a smaller trip in hopes that the two […]

Theatre and weed

I am a big fan of going to the theater. If I want to see the ballet or an orchestra, the Lobero theatre Santa Barbara has what I need. A night out to the theatre is just a fun time for me. My husband and I get really dressed up and go to a fancy […]

Glad I am not too hot anymore

When it comes down to it, I would rather be too cold than too hot. I feel it is easy to bundle up in layers, crank the heating system and be comfortable. When it is too hot, I just feel cranky. I hate the heat that makes it difficult to breathe. I don’t like it […]

I wasn't going all day without getting high

One of the reasons that I chose to attend a college in California is because the state has legal. The state of California regulations are much more lenient than any other place I considered going to school. When I was accepted to my choice college, San Francisco bay was the place I wanted to stay. […]

The cannabis shop had tons of specials

My wife and I didn’t have a ton of money for our honeymoon, so we decided to do something that was fun and close to home. We live in Los Angeles, but we spent an entire week in San Francisco. Both my wife and I have visited San Francisco in the past, but only for […]

The first time I ever heard about Albuquerque

The Simpsons has been on TV for so long it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t on! I remember watching the show when I was new, before I could even drive a car, and now I am almost 50 and the show is still making new episodes! Some twenty years ago I remember […]

How could I live anywhere other than Denver?

Initially I moved to Denver for a job and a girlfriend. Two years later the girlfriend had left me and the job had fired me, and yet I stayed here. At that point I had fallen in love with this city, and knew I did not want to live anywhere else. I bounced around a […]

Famous songs about Seattle

There are a lot of famous cities that have inspired music, books, and works of art. The first ones that always come to mind are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, and London. These are seen as being glamorous and romantic places. It was only recently, when I started working on a […]