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They arrested me for vaping near a school.

My mom and dad moved to Toronto, Ontario even before was born. By the time I was a teenager, I knew all the laws that pertain to smoking marijuana in Toronto, Ontario. You could smoke in any designated areas, but you cannot smoke near a school where children were attending, in front of the hospital, […]

Tampa Bay is a pretty nice place to visit

There are a lot of fun activities in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. Tampa Bay is known for a few different outdoor attractions like Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay Zoo, and the aquarium. All of these items are featured on the city pass. The City Pass is a one-time ticket that includes several different Tampa […]

The sale included all of the edibles and tinctures

Every Tuesday the dispensary downtown has a sale on all of the Edibles. They never include the top shelf Edibles, because they are already priced low. I think it is awful not to include everything with the sale, but the dispensary makes the rules. I tried to complain, but no one seems to listen. This […]

Luxury items like live resin cost a little bit more

Live resin is a super concentrated form of cannabis that is made from the freshly harvested plant. Live resin is often considered a luxury cannabis item due to the cost. It is simply more expensive than other products on the market. The extraction process is difficult and it takes time and money. Live resin extracts […]

Enjoying weed in the Santa Monica Mountains

I feel lucky to have a house where I can see the Santa Monica Mountains from my kitchen window, in part because I was sad to leave the Ozarks behind when I left Arkansas for southern California in the 1990s. I graduated from a high school in Little Rock and went to college at the […]

Moving to Albuquerque

When I first visited the dispensary, I expected to find some brownies I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the sake of a job opportunity. Although I was relocating to an area on the other side of the country, where I knew no one, I was eager to pack up and go. I was excited […]

Evansville is a nice place to raise a family

I love living in Evansville. I’m only a couple of hours away from Indianapolis, and I can easily reach Chicago in less than 8 hours too. Evansville, Indiana is where I grew up. It is the city that I call home. My mom and dad were both born and raised in Evansville too. I went […]