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I didn't understand why the customer was upset

The Chicago marijuana delivery service has been running a special for the past several weeks. All of our new patients receive 20% off their order total. The bartenders are supposed to tell customers if they call to place an order. There is a huge banner on the front page of the website and also on […]

In Las Vegas, marijuana is legal for everyone

Marijuana has been legal in the state of Nevada for a couple of years. Residents over the age of 21 can possess and consume marijuana and marijuana products legally. A lot of people by marijuana in Las vegas. There are dispensaries around every single corner. You do not have to be a resident of Nevada […]

The selection of products was second to none

It is very rare to find seedlings Last month I visited some friends in Ann Arbor, michigan. It was my first trip to Ann Arbor and I wasn’t disappointed at all. We went to a couple of the local places like the art museum, science and history museum, and the Botanical gardens. I absolutely love […]

The problem turned out to be the thermostat

Elgin, Illinois is a city that is on the rise. Elgin is well known for being one of the most diverse cities in the Chicago metropolitan area. I moved to Elgin when I was 15 years old. My dad got a job working at a local business and we moved from Chicago out to the […]

The cannabis scene in Portland is booming

As a kid I was taught how to hunt. My dad was an old-school guy, who was used to fending for himself in the world. This was in the 1970s, during the middle of an economic downturn, and he explained to me that sometimes the stores run out of food. When that happens, a person […]

Why would I ever leave Denver?

Initially I was headed for the coast, to spend a few months “finding myself” smoking pot and surfing. Things didn’t work out as planned! Halfway through my epic cross-country road trip my can broke down in catastrophic fashion. It wasn’t a matter of needing the engine repairs, it was a matter of finding a whole […]

TV shows set in Denver, or filmed there

When I started writing columns for an online magazine, I wanted to spend most of my time focusing on the connection between the city and the arts. Denver does not get a lot of recognition for being involved in the movie and TV industry. Most of the acclaim goes to places like California and Georgia, […]

Last week, the temperatures were really hot

My boss put me on the schedule to work at the Aquatic Center all week. I was supposed to spend Wednesday and Thursday with my girlfriend. Her parents invited us to go to Phoenix for a couple of days. When I saw my name on the schedule, I was pretty bummed out. I talked to […]