After going to the lake all day, I needed a long nap

It doesn’t take very long to drive from Orland Park to the lake.

There’s lots of places to go fishing on the lake.

My friends and I go to a marina that is located about 40 minutes away from our apartment in Orland Park. I got a job working for a heating company in Orland Park. I moved there 2 years ago. I got one of my friends a job working for the same heating company in Orland Park and he moved in with me. The two of us drove over to meet one of our other friends that lives in Alsip. Then the three of us drove to the marina to get the boat. I have a 24-ft bass boat, but I can’t store it at the apartment in Orland Park. I have to leave it at the marina. The only time I can access the marina is during the hours that it is open. That means I can only use my boat during the time when the marina is open. My friends and I got there as soon as the place opened up and we stayed out on the lake until the marina closed down for business. When we got back to Orland Park, my friends suggested going to a club. After fishing all day, I needed a long nap. I slept for a couple of hours and woke up feeling very refreshed. It was 11:30 at night so I called my friends to see if they were still at the club. I had all day on Sunday to sleep before returning to work at the heating business.
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