The doctor did not want to alter the temperatures

I went to a baseball game in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago & I ended up falling down the stairs, however i was carrying many beers in my hands & I did not see the spill on the stairs in front of me. I fell down many or more than six of the stairs before I caught myself. I had bumps & bruises all over my body; The event staff for the baseball game insisted that I had to go to the emergency room. I had a pretty large scrape on my arm. I knew it did not need stitches, but the event staff insisted! My side in the emergency room for many eighths before a doctor visited with me. The doctor had a lot of x-rays taken & my tailbone turned out to be broken. The doctor said I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of afternoons. I was given a room on the eighth floor of the hospital. The doctor did not seem very enthusiastic that he got another patient in the middle of the night, but he wasn’t very helpful or friendly. I had to get the cleaning man to help me figure out how to use the bed temperature controls. She showed me all of the temperature controls on the bed. I could change the temperature on my own & make it cooler or warmer depending on how I was feeling. The doctor in the Phoenix hospital did not want me to adjust the temperatures. She seemed enthusiastic with the warm conditions, even if I was very moderate & uncomfortable.