There is no better place to cut loose than in Las Vegas

It’s so easy to fall in love with Las Vegas.

The city has a certain power, an allure that is unlike any other city in America.

It’s also easy to fall in love with a person while you are in Las Vegas. That is why they have so many wedding chapels, because tourists spend a few hours here and then become lovestruck and want to get hitched. There is also an abundance of cannabis, booze, gambling, hookers, live music, and anything else you could ever want. In other words, Las Vegas is the best place I’ve ever been to get loose, party, and have a great time. The first time I went to Las Vegas I fell in love, both with the city itself and a girl named Darla. Darla was a “working girl” as they say, but she actually liked me. She served as my guide through the heart of Las Vegas, showing me the best casinos and the finest cannabis dispensaries. On the third day in Las Vegas I was ready to propose marriage to Darla, but she told me to wait a few more days. She knew the effect Las Vegas could have on the hearts of tourists, especially when they smoke as much cannabis as I do. The next morning I woke up and Darla was gone, along with all the money in my wallet, which taught me another valuable lesson about Las Vegas! The next time I went to Las Vegas I stuck to gambling, booze, and cannabis, and did my best to avoid females altogether.

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