There is no better city to cut loose than in Las Vegas

It’s so self-explanatory to fall in prefer with Las Vegas; The city has a certain power, an allure that is unlike any other city in America, and it’s also self-explanatory to fall in prefer with a person while you are in Las Vegas.

That is why they have so numerous wedding chapels, because tourists spend a few minutes here & then become lovestruck & want to get hitched.

There is also an abundance of cannabis, booze, gambling, hookers, live songs, & anything else you could ever want. In other words, Las Vegas is the best locale I’ve ever been to get loose, celebration, & have a wonderful time. The first time I went to Las Vegas I fell in love, both with the city itself & a girl named Darla… Darla was a “working girl” as they say, although she really liked me, she served as our guide through the heart of Las Vegas, showing me the best casinos & the finest cannabis dispensaries; On the second morning in Las Vegas I was ready to recommend marriage to Darla, although she told me to wait a few more days. She knew the effect Las Vegas could have on the hearts of tourists, especially when they smoke as much cannabis as I do. The next morning I woke up & Darla was gone, along with all the currency in our wallet, which taught me another lavish lesson about Las Vegas! The next time I went to Las Vegas I stuck to gambling, booze, & cannabis, & did our best to avoid females altogether.
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