My Aunt’s Creepy old Illinois farmhouse is mine now.

As a kid I was convinced that my Aunt’s house was haunted.

The place was over a century old, and she claimed it dated back to the Civil War.

Moreover, there was a hidden room beneath the floorboards, and my Aunt said the house had once been a stop on the Underground Railroad! As an adult I am charmed by that historical footnote, but as a kid I just thought it was terrifying that there was a hidden room under my feet! Although I never had any desire to live in Illinois, or ever return to that creepy house, fate had other plans. My sweet Aunt passed away a few months ago, and when I turned to Illinois for her funeral I learned that she had bequeathed the old house to me. This was not good news, so I immediately went to the nearest cannabis dispensary and got stoned. Smoking cannabis always settles my nerves, and the fact that I now owned a huge piece of property in rural Illinois was a little less scary. There was no way I wanted to move to Illinois permanently, but I also wanted to honor my Aunt’s wishes. I went to the nearest Illinois hall of records and started to research the history of the house. Although my Aunt had embellished the history a little bit, I found out that her house had indeed been one of the Illinois outposts of the Underground Railroad! After a few hours of smoking cannabis and weighing my options, I decided to donate the house to Illinois as a historical landmark.
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