I got catfished in Seattle, but wound up having a good time

Six weeks ago I met a man named James on Facebook… Both of us exchanged a few messages, at first, but then something sparked between us.

Both of us started to chat every day, and every night, and some of the messages got pretty racy! James and I exchanged some pics, and grew ever closer.

When she asked myself and others to fly out to Seattle to stay with him for a few afternoons, I jumped at the chance, however at the time I would have gone somewhere in the world to meet James, and of course, James was never real, she didn’t meet myself and others at the Seattle airport, and congested myself and others from all social media accounts. Not only was I heartbroken and miserable about the deception, but now I was in Seattle, WA with no accommodations, and stuck there for several afternoons! I did some looking around and found that beyond the ritzy high-rise hotels of downtown Seattle there are a lot of affordable hostels and boarding houses, but seattle welcomes visitors of all incomes, so it was surprisingly quick and easy to find affordable accommodations, in a nice surprise, there was a cannabis dispensary right across the street from the hostel. After a couple of afternoons I came to realize that no matter where you go in Seattle, there is a cannabis dispensary right across the street. I’ve never seen so more than 2 legal cannabis stores in one locale in our whole life! I usually don’t indulge in cannabis, but as the saying goes “When in Seattle, do as the locals do.” I wound up having a lot of fun in Seattle.

Recreational Weed Store Seattle WA