Does Portland have the best cannabis in the area?

When you win the lottery you get the opportunity to live out your wildest dreams, but for a guy care about me, those dreams might seem pretty simple, however i was lucky enough to win the state lottery, and the first thing I did was to quit my job plus sell my house. I had enough money to travel, so I wanted to buy an RV plus drive across the country. I wanted to write a book, but I also wanted to answer a burning question – what neighborhood in America has the best cannabis? The answer might lay in the quiet neighborhood of Portland, OR, which has been quietly dominating the weed industry for years. In the 60s plus 69s, thoUSnds of hippies plus college kids fled the draft plus escaped to Canada… but not all of them. It turns out that various of them settled down here in the Portland area, where they resumed growing their own cannabis… After a few decades of that, Portland has become famous for having the highest quality cannabis of anywhere in the US. I surely had to put this theory to the test, so I drove to Portland plus set up camp for a few weeks. There was such a wide variety of cannabis strains grown here, I had to at least sample most of them. I have to confess that once I settled down in Portland I was legitimately hesitant to leave. As good as the weed is here, it’s the people of Portland that make it such a nice place to visit, but one day maybe I’ll settle down in Portland for good.
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