A rough start on my trip to Denver

My flight was delayed for sixteen hours.

Can you believe that? I had to stay in a freezing cold airport overnight, which was a horrible start to my holiday vacation.

By the time I arrived at my final destination I had lost my hotel booking, and my rental car had been given away to another customer. Things were looking grim, and the vacation hadn’t even started yet! I decided to stop stressing and spend a couple of hours relaxing at the first cannabis dispensary I saw. Thankfully In Denver, Colorado, I was never very far away from a cannabis dispensary. According to Google there are currently 112 different cannabis dispensaries in and around the Denver area, which means that weed is big business! The first place I visited with a small, intimate cannabis dispensary then had a small lounge area on the roof. Smoking inside a business is illegal in Denver, for cannabis as well as tobacco, but it was legal to smoke it on the roof. Standing up there in the cool breeze, with a sky full of dazzling stars and a head full of cannabis smoke, I started to relax and forget my worries. As luck would have it, I met a very pretty lady there who lived in Denver, and offered to give me a tour of the city. One thing led to another, and we really hit off. We smoked cannabis together and took a slow trip through the most interesting places in Denver, before ending up back at her place. I hope Denver is this much fun next time I visit.

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