Dexter wanted to go to the Independence Grove Forest Reserve

He intended to take the fish back to his apartment and prepare some meals

Out of all the places Dexter had been to, Libertyville was the one he knew very little about. He planned to tour it during the summer and see some beautiful attractions. Dexter had one policy when he began touring American cities. Each place had something to offer and teach him if he looked hard enough. So, he did not only visit the famous places that everyone went to, but he also checked out other areas. Libertyville was on his list, and he planned to spend a week in summer exploring. His friends were not so sure about it but knew he would do it regardless of their hesitation. Dexter flew to Libertyville in the first week of summer and booked a serviced apartment in the area. The apartment was neatly furnished and had an exceptionally modem AC system to keep him cool. It was pretty hot when he flew into the town. Dexter wanted to start his trip with a bang and chose to visit the Independence Grove Forest Reserve. He was searching for beautiful scenery, and that is precisely what he got. The forest reserve has so many hiking trails that he could enjoy and a series of interconnected lakes. One thing that was a complete surprise was how many people loved swimming in the lakes. Dexter did not want to be left out and had a blast splashing in the cool waters. Apart from swimming, he also spent some time on a kayak and did some fishing. He intended to take the fish back to his apartment and prepare some meals. A day was not enough to finish the activities. Dexter returned the next day to do some biking.

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