Jerry chose to tour Santa Barbara on an electric bike

Jerry needed to take a break from work.

  • He was feeling so fatigued, and it was starting to take a toll on his health.

But his demanding boss could not listen to reason when Jerry asked for some time off. He said there was too much to do, and jerry had to wait to take time off later. One morning, Jerry was getting to work when he suddenly felt dizzy and fainted. He woke up in the hospital, and the doctor told him it was time he took a break. Just as he thought about what to do, his boss called him, mumbled some apology for not feeling well, and asked him when he’d come back to work. That was the final straw for Jerry, and he told him never. Jerry made up his mind there and then to quit and go on an adventure. After leaving the hospital, he went and cleared his desk at work. Then he began to plan an adventure across the US. On his bucket list was to spend time in Santa Barbara to indulge in weed treats since weed was legal in the city. Jerry made arrangements for a place to stay, booked a flight, and began his adventure. Santa Barbara was everything he imagined it to be, and for the first time, he wore shorts all the time. He loved exploring the city and its surroundings on an electric bike which he rented during his stay. The electric bikes were easy to use, and he could cruise the beach with it, which was so relaxing. Jerry could feel himself getting better every day.
Cannabis Santa Barbara CA