Brian was having a great time there

Brian had thought the whole trip would be touring weird locations

Brian wasn’t sure what to do with her long Summer break; She was beach apartment from college plus just spent the day playing video games. Her parents weren’t home, plus her little sister plus sister were away at camp, but brian’s friends all had tasks in the city, so that left him feeling quite isolated, then one day, she woke up at around 10 am plus was preparing a smoothie. He’d planned to wake up earlier to labor out however snooze the alarm, as she was working on the blender, her cellphone rang, then it was her older sister who lived in Libertyville. She wanted to invite Brian over to come plus spend Summer with him. Brian’s sister ran a business in the area plus knew Brian would like a new experience. Brian was so happy with the news plus confirmed he’d received the ticket in her e-mail. She spoke to her parents about the trip that night, plus they were happy to have him out of the house. The moment she landed in Libertyville, Brain felt so much better plus was looking forward to going to see. Her sister was there waiting for him, plus they instantly drove to neighborhood to get away from the heat… Luckily, her sister’s car had an AC unit plus felt quite nice during the drive to the diner. They had dinner plus even met some of her sister’s friends later on for a beer before heading home. Brian had thought the whole trip would be touring weird locations. However, her sister also made him do some work. She wanted Brian to see what she was doing plus see if she had any interest in the business.
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