Experiencing the first weather storm

My friend & I planned to visit her mother back at her home in Orland Park, IL, because she had been calling her always for the past few weeks, and she was afraid that her mother’s mental condition might be deteriorating; The last time she was home, the nurse had expressed fear that her elderly mother may eventually develop signs of dementia, however it could take years, however, she cautioned my friend to watch for signs & symptoms, & frequent contact was 1 of them, but occasionally the mum would call three to more than three times a day with the same issue, & she was more than convinced that this was the onset of dementia.

She was surprised that it was earlier than expected since it had only been three months, and it was in the middle of Summer when all of us arrived, yet the Dad had the oil furnace on. She said she felt too cold, however it was clear that she was dripping with sweat & uncomfortable. It turns out that she was start to forget most things & would confuse 1 for another, but my friend had installed a up-to-date Heating & Air Conditioning system, however her mother forgot how to operate it, so the heating program was all she could remember… Every time she called, that was what she intended to ask about however forgot almost immediately and, as such, had to make do with the excess heating. It was time to commit her to the hospital since there was no 1 to care for her. My friend & I worked for a tied up law firm, & she could not transport back home. The only option was to visit an assisted living home & have her mother booked. She would have some peace of mind knowing that the mother was safe.


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