My cousin moved to Albuquerque and only uses evaporative coolers for HVAC

My cousin Tom is obsessed with skateboarding.

When we were kids I always tried to emulate him, but I couldn’t skateboard to save my life.

Every single time I tried to do an “ollie” or a “kick flip,” I’d fall on my back or flat on my face. Unlike my other cousin George, Tom never made fun of me for my awkwardness and complete lack of athletic skill and ability. He knew that I didn’t have any siblings and was happy to take on the role of an older brother, especially when we reached our teenage years and started hanging out in the same group of friends. I was sad to see my cousin Tom move across the country for college, but I knew he would be happy living in Albuquerque, New Mexico while attending the University of New Mexico. Since Tom pursued anthropology, attending college in an area full of different Native American Pueblos offered him a rich cultural backdrop for his studies. When he did his undergraduate thesis in his senior year, he studied the Acoma Pueblo and visited their reservation in Cibola County. It was a rewarding experience, and I was fascinated to see some of the artifacts that he purchased at stores in the Acoma Indian Reservation. But while I was staying at his house in Albuquerque, I noticed that it was cold inside but the air felt comfortably humid. The outdoor air in Albuquerque gets hot and dry in the summer. I asked Tom what kind of air conditioner he was running. He told me that it’s a swamp cooler and explained that it cools the air by pushing air through a wet pad with a simple fan mechanism. The air moving through the pad causes water to evaporate which naturally lowers the temperature of the air. Naturally, you get a lower temperature and a higher moisture level with your indoor air.


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