The magician performed in downtown Denver

My favorite magician is an illusionist that is creative and funny.

The guy is known all over the world, and it is really difficult to get tickets to his shows.

When I found out that he was coming to Denver for a single night show, I had to get tickets. They were $300 each and my wife wasn’t very happy that I used the credit card for the tickets. I wasn’t going to pass up on my chance to see the guy live and in person. On the night of the show, my wife and I went downtown early so we could have dinner before the show. We went to a bar and grill close to the venue in downtown Denver. After dinner, we went to a dispensary for edibles. Edibles can be fun when dosed properly. Edibles are an easy way to use marijauna, especially if you don’t prefer smoking the dried flower. My wife and I got a chocolate bar with 100 total mg of THC. We each ate half of the chocolate bar before the show started. By the time the magician started, I was higher than a kite at the beach on a windy day. I barely remember any of the show after the first act. I remember laughing a lot and being thankful that we videotaped the performance even though we weren’t technically allowed. The next morning we watched as much of the show as we could from the video on our phone. I had a bit of a headache from the previous night, but I got plenty of rest the next day.


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