The CN tower is the perfect place for a fun date night

The CN tower is one of Toronto’s most well-known landmarks. It stands over 1800 ft tall and was the tallest structure in the entire world until 2007. The 300 foot antenna on top of the building is used to broadcast cell phone, radio, and telephone transmissions. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the city. There are a number of observation decks and several different restaurants. The CN tower is one of the nicest places to visit in Toronto and I like to go there for date night. I took my girlfriend to the CN Tower in Toronto after we were dating for a couple of weeks. We stopped at a legal cannabis dispensary and picked up a pre-rolled marijuana joint. I love the fact that caranto has legal cannabis for everyone over the age of 19. It’s one of the best reasons to live in Canada. The marijuana laws aren’t very oppressive here. My girlfriend and I smoked all of the marijuana joint from the legal cannabis dispensary in Toronto. We went to the CN tower and had dinner at one of the restaurants. We each had a glass of wine. The cannabis made us feel very good. By the end of our date night, both of us were ready to take a stroll along the river. After being up in the tower all night long, it was nice to put our feet on the ground. We walked a long way before we finally parted for the right night and said good evening. It was a nice place to go for the evening.



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