Evansville, IN wasn't exactly the city

My wife and I went to visit some friends that live in the state of Indiana. My wife and I are from a city in Florida. The city has 40,000 people, tons of bars, museums, restaurants, and nightlife. We visited our friends in the state of Indiana and they lived about an hour away from Evansville. They told my wife and I that Evansville is the city closest to them. They actually lived in a small town with a population of 400. While my wife and I visited, we stayed in our RV on their property. We were hooked up to the water and we had electricity as well. It was a lot colder than we anticipated. At one point during our stay, the furnace in our RV stopped working and we couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem. I tried every troubleshooting sex that I could think of and fine online, but nothing helped the heating problem. It was only 25 degrees outside and we had to call someone to help with the RV heating issue. We had to contact a heating company in Evansville and they wanted a premium fee to drive all the way out to the country. I completely understood why after I realized they had to drive 31 miles on the interstate and another 16 miles on a country road. Unfortunately, the Evansville heating company was the only dealership that offered services on recreational vehicles and we were forced to pay their astronomical fees. Next time we visit, we will stay closer to Evansville.
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