The lady in the student services office was rude

I applied to several colleges in the State of Florida.

I always wanted to go to college in the state of Florida.

It didn’t matter if it was UF, FSU, or the University of Miami. I even applied to several colleges in the Tampa area. I was accepted to the University of South Florida and the cost for tuition and books was reasonable. I moved to the campus a few days before classes started. It was extremely hot and uncomfortable inside of my dormitory. I did not have access to open the windows and I had to get permission from the student services office if I wanted to put an air conditioner in the room. After two days of dealing with the hot Tampa sun and humidity, I decided to speak with the lady in the student services office. She was terribly rude and tried to tell me that the temperatures weren’t that warm. She told me that I was complaining too much already and it was only the month of August. I didn’t know what to say in return, so I walked out of the office and never got permission for the AC unit. I bought a large fan and put it in the room. It helps with the heat, but it was still very uncomfortable during the summer when I had two classes in Tampa Bay. I only stayed in the state of Florida for two years and then I transferred to a different college. The campus didn’t offer the program I wanted to study and I was tired of dealing with sunshine 365 days a year.


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