Moving to Libertyville for a job

When my job promotion required me to transfer to Chicago, I wasn’t all that happy about it.

  • While Chicago is a really great city, with lots to do, I didn’t want to live in a cramped apartment.

I hoped to purchase a house with a yard and a garage. I wanted some privacy, gardens and open space. I knew I’d never be able to afford anything like that in the nearby vicinity of Chicago. I then did some research into the surrounding areas and came across a northern suburb of Libertyville. Checking out the housing market showed me reasonable prices for some nice houses. I’d actually never heard of the town before. When I scouted around, I discovered that it’s a really lovely area about 5 miles west of Lake Michigan and the Des Plaines River. There is a train that runs between Chicago and Libertyville throughout the week. The distance is around 36 miles and takes an hour to get there. The train arrives at Chicago’s Union Station. I can drive it in under 45 minutes. Visiting Libertyville, I was delighted with the historical buildings along Main Street. There are actually 84 restaurants, cafes and pubs available. The first Friday of the month, there’s live music, wine tastings and all sorts of refreshments. There’s a farmer’s market downtown where I can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from local growers. It is a rather lengthy commute for me to get to work, but I only need to go into the office three to four times per week. The other days, I’m able to work from home.


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