Museum of Pop Culture

I am a huge pop culture person. I love movies and I can quote, name actors, directors and even the years most films came out. You would be hard pressed to name a movie that I haven’t heard of. When my fiance and I decided to do a trip it just lucked out that we chose a place perfect for my obsession. You don’t think of Seattle, WAshington and pop culture. However, Seattle has a huge pop culture museum that is perfect for psychos like me. I am a bit of an animated movie fan and there is a Disney hero and villains exhibit that I loved. It has a lot of dresses, coats and pants all constructed to look like the animated versions. They even had some of the outfits from the live action Disney adaptations. One of the best exhibits was the horror film one. They had props, clothing and other pieces from movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Pet Sematary. I was super excited to see them all. The sets were very realistic with dripping blood for vampires, corpses hanging and zombie containment centers. My fiance and I toured the area in October which was perfect to get us in the Halloween spirit. I had never been in a museum that I really enjoyed before. I find museums kind of dull and stale. I usually look at exhibits and want to move on. I was so glad that I got to see the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture while on my trip. It made staying there worthwhile.

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