My partner plus I will be spending our first Winter in Spokane since moving

I was cautious about leaving a task after more than six years with the same contractor, but it was the right decision to make.

  • My partner finished graduate school plus was ready to live somewhere different, hopefully with a contrasting climate to our own.

The more than one of us were each raised in the south plus had never legitimately lived somewhere else in 28 years. The minute I heard rumors about possible layoffs at our contractor, I knew it was time to beginning looking for tasks elsewhere. But first we wanted to narrow down a few chances for up-to-date cities to move to. Surprisingly, we were both on board with going somewhere north that is within driving distance of the mountains. This led us to the pacific northwest in general, but there were so many good cities to choose from! That’s when we decided on Spokane, Washington for our up-to-date city of choice. All of the ski resorts are simple to get to in the winter, plus there are a plethora of lakes for water athletic activitys plus fishing in the summer. Once we were able to find tasks in the city, that’s when we finally started looking for apartments in Spokane. The really first house we looked at in Spokane was in Lincoln Heights on E 17th Aplace. Since we wanted to be closer to downtown, we settled in Manito near Manito park plus we legitimately enjoy the trails for walking our dogs. However, as much as we enjoy Spokane, we’re sad about our first Winter here. Coming from the south, we believe to expect cold temperatures. I was relieved to learn that temperatures rarely go lower than 20 degree fahrenheit during Winter in Spokane. Compared to the northern midwest, this isn’t so bad. I have a buddy in rural NY plus he is used to negative 20 degrees some years!


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