Famous songs about Seattle

There are a lot of famous cities that have inspired music, books, and works of art. The first ones that always come to mind are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, and London. These are seen as being glamorous and romantic places. It was only recently, when I started working on a playlist for work, that I realized how many great songs were written about Seattle, Washington. I have lived in Seattle my whole life, and have heard many of these songs before, just didn’t realize they were about my hometown. Sir Mix-a-lot is well known for his hit Baby Got Back, but his best song is called Posse on Broadway, and is a detailed look at a Seattle neighborhood. Hard rockers Queensryche wrote a couple of songs about Seattle, but the most famous is probably Jet City Woman. And then there are all the songs with the title of Seattle, including classics by Public Image Limited, Cop Shoot Cop, Classic Crime, and MArk Knopflew of the Dire Straits! One of our great local cannabis dispensaries hosts a music festival every year, and this year I want to have a host of Seattle bands that play hometown classics. For me, great music and great cannabis go hand in hand, so I never miss a chance to see a live show. One of the many great things about Seattle is that it is never hard to find a live music show. Another great thing is that cannabis dispensaries are open far and wide, which is something someone should write a song about!
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