How could I live anywhere other than Denver?

Initially I moved to Denver for a job and a girlfriend.

Two years later the girlfriend had left me and the job had fired me, and yet I stayed here.

At that point I had fallen in love with this city, and knew I did not want to live anywhere else. I bounced around a lot of different jobs, never finding one I liked, but just enjoying the sense of community this place offers. I wound up working for a local cannabis dispensary, a brand new one that was just opening its doors, and I have been here ever since. The thing that I love most about living in Denver is that I get all the benefits of a city, and yet I am only a five minute drive from the great outdoors. Almost every weekend is spent in the woods south of Denver hiking, or rock climbing, or sometimes even white water rafting! As big as the city of Denver has gotten over the decades, the city planners were always smart enough to not destroy the surrounding countryside, because it is so beautiful. In general, Colorado is the most picturesque state in the nation, but I personally think that Denver is the most picturesque area in the state! Denver has world class sports teams, Michelin star rated restaurants, and access to the most breathtaking natural sights you will ever see. And the cannabis dispensaries here are the best in the world, if you ask me. The question isn’t “why would you want to come to Denver?” the question is “how could you possibly want to live anywhere else?”

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