I wasn't going all day without getting high

One of the reasons that I chose to attend a college in California is because the state has legal.

The state of California regulations are much more lenient than any other place I considered going to school.

When I was accepted to my choice college, San Francisco bay was the place I wanted to stay. We went to Angel Island State Park for the day so we could study some of the native birds. I love the bay area location and it isn’t too far from our school. I was excited about the trip, and I went to the dispensary the night before so I could pick up some things for the day. I knew my friends were going to worry about getting caught smoking cannabis on a school trip, but I wasn’t worried at all. We bought a couple of disposable vape pens that have virtually no scent or odor. I wasn’t going all day without getting high. The first chance we broke into small groups to study on our own, I got out the vape pen and started puffing as fast as I could. I got a severe head buzz, because I didn’t wait long enough between the puffs. I started coughing and choking and I nearly passed out. My friends scattered when I started coughing. They were worried about getting caught with weed, but I was fighting for my life. Some friends those guys turned out to be. The rest of the day I spent alone, but I didn’t have to share my vape pen with anybody else.
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