She bought a huge air purifier for the bedroom

I grew up in a small city in Pennsylvania, but I moved to Florida as soon as I turned 18.

I had a cousin living in Tampa Bay and she offered to let me sleep on her couch.

It sounded like a lot of fun to move to Florida, so I packed all of my bags and hopped on a train for the first time in my life. I lived in the Tampa Bay area for 30 years and then my mom decided to visit. It was the first time she visited ever. It was a surprise to see her and she actually enjoyed going to Tampa and seeing all of the sites. At the end of her 2-week visit, we still had not gone downtown or taken a trip to the beach. I talked my mom into moving down to Tampa Bay with me. When she moved to the city, the first thing she did was complain about the heat and humidity. I told my mom that I had an easy solution for that problem. I bought a window air conditioner with heat and a dehumidifier function. I honestly thought it was the perfect solution, because my mom would be able to use the machine throughout the entire year. My mom was unhappy that the heating and air conditioning machine did not have an air-purifying feature. She decided to go online and she ordered an air purifier from a local Tampa heating and AC store. The following day they were at the house for 4 hours installing a huge air purifier in my mom’s bedroom.

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