Could be a good honeymoon destination

It has been tough with COVID and planning a honeymoon. My fiance and I had grand plans to travel abroad to a new country for our honeymoon. It looks like that isn’t going to work. Finding somewhere in the United States was tough. I decided to book a smaller trip in hopes that the two of us can have an international honeymoon next year. For right now I have four days planned in Eugene Oregon for the two of us. It seems like an odd pick but there is quite a bit to do there. Thankfully the two of us will happen to be there in peak grape season. There are tons of wineries that offer tastings. I also can get my hands on fresh grapes, jams, jellies and juice. I am a big grape fan obviously. There are bike trails, markets, gardens and parks that the two of us can go to. I kind of like that the area is very chill, calm and low key. Another pro is that legal weed is allowed there. My fiance and I could visit a cannabis dispensary if we want to. The two of us have never lived in a state that allows for recreational cannabis, so it could be quite an experience. I don’t really like getting drunk and being crazy. You have to be wild at least one day on the honeymoon right? A trip to a cannabis store could be that fun day for us. I am not keen on smoking flowers or oil, but there are edibles that could be a good time.

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