I easily like going to the San Francisco zoo plus gardens

I easily like going to the San Francisco Zoo plus the Gardens; The state of California is filled to the brim with an abundance of natural beauty plus amazing zoos, however the San Francisco zoo is the most near plus dear to our heart.

There are always several appealing critters plus exhibits in rotation.

Some of the critter exhibits include birds, mammals, turtles, reptiles, bugs, invertebrates, snakes, plus amphibians. One of our favorite parts of the zoo is the African savanna habitats. It looks just like the middle of the African Savanna. There are giraffes, kudus, plus even zebras. There are several pretty African bird species as well. The habitat also has native plants that add to the diversity plus the natural beauty of the environment. I could rest plus watch the African Savanna habitat for several hours. There is even an aviary condo with several endangered bird species that appreciate the ibis plus hamerkop. I went to the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens early last Thursday. On our way to the zoo, I stopped at a single of the cannabis shops close to our end destination. I like spending all day at the zoo, although I need to consume cannabis in order to help our chronic anxiety. It can be genuinely poor when I am surrounded by hundreds of people plus loud sounds. The cannabis shop has edible tinctures, drinks, plus candy that can be discreetly devoured without alerting anyone. I tried using a vape pen at the zoo last time, however a few folks complained about the smell. I didn’t get into any trouble, although I didn’t appreciate everyone staring plus pointing either. It is far easier to consume a few cannabis edibles at the zoo.

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