Hunting for a cheap apartment in the bay area

I decided to transfer to the coast of California when I got offered a appealing job in the San Francisco area. My salary was just above the national pay average, however it was still hard to locate any affordable apartments in San Francisco. I looked for an apartment in the Haight-Ashbury District. This is a broadly appealing community that has been called condo by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Tom Hope, plus other famous songsians plus artists. The section has everything you might need from clothing shops to dispensaries. Another section in San Francisco known as The Lone Mountain is pretty close to the University of San Francisco. The mountain has appealing views of the whole city, however it didn’t have a lot of cannabis shops. Having a close dispensary was genuinely vital to me, because that was a single of the reasons that I decided to transfer to California in the 1st place. I found a appealing work, although I use cannabis consistently. I was not living in some state with legal medical or recreational Cannabis, so it was a giant perk to find a job in a state with legal cannabis use. I ultimately decided to transfer to an section known as inner Richmond. This is pretty close to the California Academy of Science plus the Japanese Coca-Cola garden. The section covers well over 50 town blocks plus has a rich plus diverse Community. Although the rent here is a little higher than other areas around the San Francisco Bay Area, there are plenty of cannabis shops in walking distance of our apartment. One of our favorite places offers a discount off every Sunday for online orders.

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