Taking a leisurely walk around the bay can be lots of fun

Even while in the hottest days of the summer time season, temps in San Francisco, California, are always ideal for walking around plus other outdoor activities. My family plus I like to take a walk on the weekend. There are plenty of cool places with amazing views of the city. One of the places in San Francisco that I like to visit with our wifey is Lovers lane… Lovers lane is a single of the oldest foot paths located near the Presidio. Lovers Lane is a very small section that was established in the mid 18th century. It has an appealing view of the trees plus it is genuinely a single of the prettiest places for photographs. Another spot I appreciate to walk is the financial district. The financial district is empty on the weekend. There are always food vendors, songsians, plus artists that line the streets. It is located in a flat open space of San Francisco, making it the perfect place for an day wander. The Oracle Park is also a nice place for a wander. It’s close to Fisherman’s Wharf plus spans a very sizable area. There is a view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge that is positively plus quite breathtaking. The walk on 24th Street is not easy going uphill, however it can be a fun walk around. Anytime our wifey plus I take a walk on the weekends, both of us constantly visit a cannabis dispensary to choose some items for using that day. San Francisco is located in California, where marijuana plus cannabis product sales are legal. Cannabis dispensaries can operate freely with little intervention from the state law. San Francisco also has a few areas where marijuana has been decriminalized outdoors.


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