San Fran is filled with tons of great restaurants

San Francisco, CA is known for a diverse culture plus unique people.

San Francisco is filled with tons of great restaurants that genuinely reflect the wide array of people who live in the city.

There are a couple of great restaurants that I regularly appreciate plus these are a few of our favorites! Pearl 6101 is on the Richmond town limit. My favorite dish is the seared scallops, however they also have scrumptious plus tasty handmade wheat based pasta. When I am in the mood for fresh seafood, Swan Oyster Depot is a single of the best places to visit. This seafood restaurant was open the whole time that both of us were in COVID quarantine. They offered take out plus delivery services. My wifey Pat plus I ate at the Swan Oyster Depot a bunch of times while in the shelter in place order. Another of Pat’s favorite restaurants is genuinely close to a cannabis dispensary. When Pat plus I go to the cannabis dispensary, both of us constantly idea to stop at this delicious downtown restaurant for dinner or supper. Wildseed is a appealing vegan restaurant with a rich legacy in northern San Francisco. This delicious restaurant on Union Street is only a few miles away from the closest marijuana store with the best prices. It has a dairy free cheesecake plus meatless bolognese that is simply out of this world. There’s so several unusual restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines including American, Thai, Chinese, Indian, plus Hungarian. It’s easy to find something perfect for each and every person, plus that is a single of the things that adds to the appeal of San Francisco, CA.

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