Parking was a disaster, so I ordered for delivery this time

My boyfriend and I went to a new marijuana dispensary a couple of weeks ago.

We got some pretty good deals on marijuana concentrates.

Both of us mostly dab concentrates instead of smoking weed. Smoking marijuana is Harsh on my lungs and it makes me cough and wheeze. I only smoke a marijuana joint once in a while. The new marijuana dispensary was having a cell and it looked like everyone knew about it when we arrived. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary parking lot was packed with cars. There wasn’t a single place to park when I arrived. I circled the parking lot three or four times. Someone was backing out of a parking space and I was waiting for that spot when a small smart car stole that spot from me. I honked my horn a couple of times and the guy gave me the finger. The next time my boyfriend mentioned buying marijuana products from that particular San Francisco dispensary, I told him to order delivery or go to the store alone. There was absolutely no way that I was going to go to the San Francisco dispensary and deal with parking issues again. I had enough that first-time to last me the rest of my life. My boyfriend agreed to contact the San Francisco marijuana dispensary and place an order for delivery. The store must not have been too busy, because the delivery driver arrived about 40 minutes after I placed the order. There is no way we would have been able to drive there and back in that short amount of time.

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I didn't understand why the customer was upset

The Chicago marijuana delivery service has been running a special for the past several weeks.

All of our new patients receive 20% off their order total.

The bartenders are supposed to tell customers if they call to place an order. There is a huge banner on the front page of the website and also on the shopping cart. This Banner tells customers that all first time patients will receive a 20% discount from the Chicago marijuana dispensary. I work as a delivery driver and I regularly take orders all over the city. I was in one particular Chicago neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and the woman tried to accuse me of lying about the price of the products. When I walked up to her door, I announced myself as the driver from the Chicago marijuana delivery service. I gave the customer the total for the order. The total that I gave her was the total minus 20%, because she was a first-time customer. The customer heard the lower amount and got very upset. At first, I did not understand why she was upset. She had to pay a lower amount for the items and I would have thought this would be a good thing. She seemed to think that I was changing the price so I could keep extra money. The lady actually called the Chicago marijuana delivery service to double check the price on the order to make sure that I was not stealing. When I got back to the marijuana dispensary, my boss wanted to talk to me about the exchange. He told me not to worry, but he wanted me to fill out an incident report.


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In Las Vegas, marijuana is legal for everyone

Marijuana has been legal in the state of Nevada for a couple of years.

Residents over the age of 21 can possess and consume marijuana and marijuana products legally. A lot of people by marijuana in Las vegas. There are dispensaries around every single corner. You do not have to be a resident of Nevada and order to go to a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary. As long as you have a government issue ID that is valid, you can purchase items from the marijuana dispensary at the age of 21. I moved to Las Vegas 2 years after the state made marijuana legal. It was another reason why I could move to Las Vegas and have a great time. There are easily about 50 different marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in Clark county. Most of the people don’t care if you smoke weed outside as long as you aren’t causing any problems. My friends and I usually sit outside of our apartment and smoke marijuana. No one says much at all and there are frequently security officers that troll that property to look for suspicious activity. It is very nice to live in a place where marijuana use is not considered suspicious activity. Several years before I moved to Las vegas, I was caught with some marijuana and I had to spend 30 days in jail. The conviction shows on my record and sometimes it causes people to stop and pause before they say yes for a job or credit. It would be much easier if I had lived in a state like Nevada at the time, but I’m happy to know that the problem will not happen again.

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The selection of products was second to none

It is very rare to find seedlings

Last month I visited some friends in Ann Arbor, michigan. It was my first trip to Ann Arbor and I wasn’t disappointed at all. We went to a couple of the local places like the art museum, science and history museum, and the Botanical gardens. I absolutely love being outside. My friends knew that I would want to go to the Botanical gardens. I am very much into horticulture and botany. I have been trying to grow a specific strain of cannabis that has a high amount of CBD and thc. I also went to a local Ann Arbor cannabis shop. I wanted to see what a local cannabis shop looked like. I had never really been in a local cannabis shop and Ann Arbor had several places to check out. My friends and I went to one Ann Arbor marijuana shop that had more selections than I have ever seen in one place. I live in a state that also has legal recreational marijuana, but this particular Ann Arbor marijuana dispensary had a selection that was second to none. I was particularly amazed by the selection of edible marijuana products. They filled half of the walls inside of the store. They must have had 60 different manufacturers and brands represented in the shop. The Ann Arbor cannabis shop also had seedlings. It is very rare to find seedlings. I really wished that I could have taken them home with me, but I honestly didn’t think they would survive the trip. It would have been fantastic to have a couple of different seedlings that were already 18 inches tall.

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The problem turned out to be the thermostat

Elgin, Illinois is a city that is on the rise.

Elgin is well known for being one of the most diverse cities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

I moved to Elgin when I was 15 years old. My dad got a job working at a local business and we moved from Chicago out to the country. I hated leaving my friends, but I enjoyed being away from the city where I could breathe fresh air and leave my home without fear that I would be raped or mugged. We weren’t exactly living in the best part of Chicago when we moved. I never left the Elgin area, even after I finished school. I took a job at one of the local businesses. I work at JP Morgan as an investment specialist. I earn a very good salary and so does my husband. We have three kids, two dogs, a cat, and a pair of lovebirds. During the summer when all of the kids are home from school, the house is really busy. Last summer was the first time we let the kids stay home alone. Things went pretty well until there was an issue with the AC unit. I think the kids were adjusting the temperature on the AC unit frequently, but they would not admit to it. The HVAC repair technician found the problem to be with the thermostat and suggested we buy a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat. My husband and I bought a smart thermostat and that was the end of the kids adjusting the temperatures while we weren’t at home.

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The cannabis scene in Portland is booming

As a kid I was taught how to hunt.

My dad was an old-school guy, who was used to fending for himself in the world.

This was in the 1970s, during the middle of an economic downturn, and he explained to me that sometimes the stores run out of food. When that happens, a person has to find their own food. He taught me how to hunt deer, and I must admit that during several points of my life hunting has been the only thing that fed the family. That was a long time ago. These days I live in Portland, Oregon, and the only deer hunting I do is with my camera and a telephoto lens. I don’t have any moral objection to hunting, but I run a successful cannabis dispensary in Portland, so I no longer have the need to hunt for my food. Besides, anyone who kills animals for fun, and not for food, certainly would not fit in with the people of Portland. This city is a fine blend of rugged individualists and hippies, which makes the Portland cannabis scene one of the busiest in this part of the nation. I recently opened a second cannabis dispensary, on the northern side of Portland, because business has been booming this year! Thanks to a strong influx of tourism, cannabis sales in Portland are higher than they have been in years. It seems that the reputation for Portland cannabis has gotten strong enough that people are now taking vacations to the city, both to see the sights and stock up on weed.
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Seattle is amazing for sports fans, and stoners!

I moved to America when I was a teenager.

I love it here, and am proud to be a legal citizen.

This isn’t a complaint, but the only thing I really miss about my country of birth is the sports. I grew up watching the game cricket on TV, and also rugby and soccer. The biggest sports in America are baseball and football, neither of which I find interesting. One of the reasons that I ended up settling down in Seattle, Washington, was the amazing array of great sports teams they have. Seattle boasts a wildly diverse population of all races and nationalities, which has led to a diverse roster of sports teams. The Seattle Seawolves are the local rugby squad, and I have had season tickets for the last few years. Not many places in this country have active rugby teams, but Seattle is one of them! There are a handful of diehard rugby fans in Seattle, and a group of us meets up every time we can at one of the local cannabis dispensaries. Seattle is well known for its vibrant cannabis community, and many of the stores also have adjoining smokers lounges. My little group of Seattle Seawolves fans meets up at 1 such cannabis dispensary, where we can drink beer, smoke weed, and root on the home team. Although rugby has a reputation for being very violent, the Seattle rugby fans are a very chill group of people. Perhaps we are kept calm by the copious amounts of locally grown Seattle cannabis, or maybe we just leave the violence to the professionals!

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Why would I ever leave Denver?

Initially I was headed for the coast, to spend a few months “finding myself” smoking pot and surfing.

Things didn’t work out as planned! Halfway through my epic cross-country road trip my can broke down in catastrophic fashion.

It wasn’t a matter of needing the engine repairs, it was a matter of finding a whole new vehicle. I did not have the money for that at the time, so I had to figure out something else to do. My van broke down just outside of Denver, Colorado three years ago, and I never ended up leaving! This is my home now, because once I spent a little time in Denver I realized I didn’t need to go anywhere to find myself. The weed helps, if I’m being honest. I might have lost my sense of wanderlust because I landed a job at one of the many cannabis dispensaries in Denver. My co-workers are nice, the cannabis is excellent, and I get a fat employee discount, so I found myself wanting to stay in Denver long-term. Maybe one day I will keep traveling, but what will I find in California that I don’t already have here in Denver, Colorado? I never got that van fixed, because I found out that Denver has an amazing public transportation system, so it’s cheaper and easier to not own a car here. I have a great job, ample weed, the cost of living is very low, and have even started to make a few friends to watch rugby with, so I have no reason to leave Denver.

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TV shows set in Denver, or filmed there

When I started writing columns for an online magazine, I wanted to spend most of my time focusing on the connection between the city and the arts.

Denver does not get a lot of recognition for being involved in the movie and TV industry.

Most of the acclaim goes to places like California and Georgia, but our state has been hosting movie and TV productions for decades! Based on my research I was able to write a series of in-depth articles about all the famous productions that have happened here in Denver, Colorado. First I want to talk about Dynasty, which was one of the biggest shows on TV for a few years, and was all about the rich elites of Denver, Colorado. The funny thing is that although we see the Denver skyline in the opening credits, most of the show was shot in Los Angeles. So it was set in Denver, but made in California. On the other hand we have the 90s TV mysteries Perry Mason and Diagnosis Murder, which were both show in Denver, and set in Los Angeles. Why don’t they just shoot the LA shows in LA and the Denver shows in Denver? It is one of life’s little mysteries. The animated series South Park is set in Colorado, but the troublesome boys have made their way to Denver more than once. In 2006 the famous Ball Arena in Denver was used to film several of the hilarious ice-skating scenes from the comedy Blades of Glory. For more details on these films, read the full blog!

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Last week, the temperatures were really hot

My boss put me on the schedule to work at the Aquatic Center all week. I was supposed to spend Wednesday and Thursday with my girlfriend. Her parents invited us to go to Phoenix for a couple of days. When I saw my name on the schedule, I was pretty bummed out. I talked to my boss and he told me that he did not forget my request for the days off. I told my boss that I sent an email. He promised that he would check, but he did not get back to me on monday. When I came to work on Tuesday, the schedule had been changed. I was off on Wednesday and Thursday and I was scheduled to work on the weekend. My boss apologized for missing the email. He switched the schedule around so I could have the days off that I requested. My girlfriend was very happy that I was able to go with her and her parents to Phoenix during that time. Her parents paid for us to get hotel rooms next to each other. There was an adjoining door. We went to dinner and we saw a show. On Thursday morning, the temperatures were really hot. I wanted to spend my time inside, but my girlfriend’s dad wanted me to play a round of golf with him. We spent all day in Phoenix at the golf course. It was very hot and dry. I drank a lot of water, but I was still ready for the AC when I finally got back. I adjusted the AC thermostat all the way down to 65° and I sat in front of the machine for 15 minutes before I was cool enough to do anything else.

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We had to replace the furnace before we did anything else

The Orland Park service provider told me that I should absolutely contact the insurance company because the problem would be covered under our policy

My wife and I decided to take the kids to the lake for a couple of days. We were gone for less than 72 hours and everything in the house was totally destroyed by the time we came back home. It’s hard to believe problems like that could happen so quickly, but it is 100% the truth. A pipe in the wall behind the area where the furnace is located for a week. The leak caused problems with the furnace and it was shut down for several days. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold outside. We only had the furnace on just in case it was freezing temperatures overnight. That can happen from time to time, especially when you live close to Lake Michigan. When my wife and I got back to Orland Park after our weekend away, we found all of the horrible water damage. We had to get a plumbing contractor and we had to replace the furnace. There was so much water damage that the Orland Park service provider felt that the furnace should be replaced. The Orland Park service provider told me that I should absolutely contact the insurance company because the problem would be covered under our policy. My wife and I believe that we were going to be responsible for all of the problems. We were very thankful that the Orland Park service provider advised us to contact our homeowners insurance policy provider. We had to replace the furnace and get the problem with the plumbing fixed, but our insurance company covered that and a lot more.



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I bought an air purifier to keep out the desert sand

I bought a two bedroom house outside of phoenix, arizona.

  • I went to college in Phoenix at the university.

I got a job working at an insurance company as soon as College was over. I was earning a good salary and I had plenty of money to upgrade my living situation. I was still in the same apartment that I rented when I was a sophomore in college. I had money saved up and a sizable nest egg. I looked at rentals in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, but I decided to buy a house outside of the city. I got a lot more property for the money that I spent. Unfortunately, my house is outside of the city and in the desert. Every time there is a sandstorm, there is desert sand all over the items in my home. I can see the particles of sand all over the inside of the house. I knew that was bad for my asthma, especially after I started sneezing and coughing and waking up with a sore throat. I had to do something to help with the indoor air problems, so I bought an air purifier from a phoenix air cleaning company. One of my friends works for the Phoenix air cleaning company. He got me a good deal on an air purifier that is portable and easy to move around. During the day I keep the air purifier in the living area, but at night I move the machine to my bedroom. The hum of the air purifier is particularly soothing and it does remove all of the allergens and dust from the air.

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