Adding a ventilation system into my home in Glenview

Living in Glenview, Illinois can get expensive.

  • The severe weather requires relying on the heating or cooling system just about year round.

We are prepared for sub zero temperatures and snow in the winter and hot and humid conditions in the summer. The cost of running the air conditioner and furnace add up to approximately fifty percent of the household energy expenses. The efficiency of the system is extremely important. I have signed up for a maintenance program with an HVAC company that operates out of Glenview. They send a technician to the house in the spring to provide tuning for the air conditioner and in the fall to take care of the furnace. The technician troubleshoots, cleans and makes adjustments to prevent malfunction and energy waste. I complained to the technician that the house becomes stale and stuffy due to the lack of fresh air. He suggested that I invest in a ventilation system. I did a bit of research and chose a heat recovery ventilation system. Because of the long winters in Glenview, this type of ventilator is ideal. It brings in a steady supply of fresh air year round. During colder weather, it uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air and reduce demands on the furnace. I’ve been able to lower the thermostat setting by a few degrees and save some money. In the summer, the ventilation system helps to reduce humidity and lessens the workload of the air conditioner. Plus, the house stays cleaner, smells fresher and feels more comfortable. I have more confidence in the health of our indoor air quality.


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Visiting the John A. Finch Arboretum in Spokane while getting the a/c fixed

I grew up in a suburb of a city that was literally named after trees, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The University of Michigan campus is one of the most gorgeous college campuses in the country.

Although I didn’t want to leave the city after I finished college, I was having a hard time working in my industry because of the state’s severe winter weather. But by the time I reached Washington state, I wasn’t even working outdoors anymore. I had long ago switched to working entirely remotely from a home office. This gives me more time during the day to spend with my significant others. We love to take walking trips around Spokane, regardless of the season. It can get frustratingly cold during the winter, but the summers are beautifully temperate. Walking along the Spokane River in summer, especially at Riverfront Park, is an amazing experience! While we were getting our air conditioner fixed the other day, we decided to get into the car and drive down to the John A. Finch Arboretum to look at the wonderful plants and trees. This beautiful public arboretum is located on West Woodland Boulevard and is open everyday with no charge for admission. The only issue is that dogs and cats are not allowed within the park, for obvious reasons no doubt. Whenever I’m getting my a/c or furnace fixed, it’s nice to visit various locations around Spokane to get the most out of living in this wonderful city. The nature trails and the banks of the Spokane River are some of my most favorite things about this mountain city.


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I visited several legal cannabis cafes during my short business trip to Denver

I have some friends who will visit a place like Denver and will stock up on quality weed products during their trip

Having a national business requires working with a lot of distributors and suppliers in various states. I have to take trips every now and then to speak with people in person and to make sure that their needs and my needs are both being met. Some of the places I’ve had to visit have been a serious drag. I won’t criticize any specific destinations by name, but suffice it to say that I really hate corn towns in the plains states of the midwest. After you’ve seen half a dozen of these little towns and hamlets, you’ve seen them all. Unfortunately, many of the metropolitan cities where my suppliers are located are bad for different reasons. Either the streets are packed so tightly that it feels claustrophobic, or there aren’t enough stores and restaurants to satisfy my interests. It seems like every single time I visit Denver, Colorado, I have an amazing trip. There are a plethora of art museums, breweries, cannabis dispensaries, and hiking trails if you’re into that sort of thing. During my last business trip to Denver, I got to see a cannabis cafe for the first time in my life. Although I have a medical marijuana card in my home state, the state government does not allow businesses to exist where patrons can consume medical marijuana inside the building’s doors. I have some friends who will visit a place like Denver and will stock up on quality weed products during their trip. Then they mail all of the cannabis back to themselves in our home state, but I would never take that kind of risk. At least I can enjoy the wonderful Colorado weed while I’m in Denver, even if that means forgoing it during the rest of the year.



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Working at the museum in San Francisco is fun and interesting

The San Francisco museum of modern and Contemporary Art is one of my favorite places in the whole city.

I went to the museum every weekend when I was a kid.

I sat in front of the paintings and sculptures and it made me feel alive. There are several different exhibitions within the walls of the San Francisco museum of modern and contemporary art. Last weekend my wife and I went to a gala at the museum to celebrate one of the founders. My wife and I were invited to the museum, because I work there as an adult. I am head of the art department. I went to college and received a four-year degree in art history. Then I spent four more years in college to learn how to restore art. I am one of the leading art historians in all of California. Working at the Museum in San Francisco is really fun and interesting. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the art is high on cannabis. I didn’t use cannabis when I was in college, but I have dabbled with recreational Cannabis since it was legalized in the state. Since I don’t use cannabis every day, it definitely has a psychedelic effect on my mind and body. If I smoke a cannabis joint and spend a few hours looking at the art in the museum, I see things from a completely different point of view. Cannabis has a way of changing our mind and our senses and making us feel things that we didn’t know we’re there.



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I like going to the beach on a hot day

There are a lot of nice beaches in the Tampa Bay area. Going to the beach is one of my favorite activities during the summer months when the outdoor temperatures are extremely humid and warm. There are several beaches close to my home. Davis Islands Beach is one of the nicest places for admiring the water. It also has a nice area for dogs with a grassy area, Sandy Beach, and foot washing station. When I have the entire day off work, I prefer to drive all the way to Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Beach is one of the most famous places in Florida for sunbathing and swimming. Clearwater Beach has paved parking areas, showers, shops and restaurants. My friends and I went to Clearwater Beach last Saturday. The temperatures were very hot and humid and I didn’t want to spend all day sitting in the house with the air conditioner running. It can cost a fortune to run the air conditioner all day during the summer months. My friends and I hopped in the car and drove to Clearwater Beach. Traffic was unusually heavy that day, due to an accident on the causeway. By the time my friend and I arrived at the beach, most of the parking spots were already taken. We had to wait 20 minutes for a spot to open, so we could park near the area with showers and bathrooms. I hate to drive home at the end of the day with salt and sand all over my body and clothes. It’s the most unenjoyable feeling in the world.



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Turning on the heat remotely while spending a few hours at Sandia Peak with family

Right before we were ready to descend down the side of the mountain inside the tramway car, I activated the heating system at home via the smart thermostat’s app

Now that it’s officially December, Albuquerque has been impacted with cold weather for the last six weeks straight. I don’t think it will be cold enough to snow until next week, but that hasn’t stopped my kids from complaining about their walks to the bus step. Unlike my parents and the classic cliche, I didn’t walk miles through the snow every day just to get to school, so I sympathize with my kids to some extent. They prefer it when the weather outside is warmer and they don’t have to put on so many clothes just to prevent them from constantly shivering. We recently purchased a smart thermostat for our home in Trumbull Village. That way I can turn on the heat in our house remotely whenever I take my family out for hours at a time, regardless of whether we’re shopping, running other errands, or taking a day trip. The last day trip we took was to Sandia Peak last month while the city was getting a light snow drizzle for several days straight. When we pulled out onto Central Ave we could already see snow in banks along the sides of the highway. Once we merged onto Interstate 40 we could see even more snow, especially as we got closer to the base of the mountains. The tramway ride to Sandia Peak was cold and long, making us all shiver in the process. Right before we were ready to descend down the side of the mountain inside the tramway car, I activated the heating system at home via the smart thermostat’s app. By the time we reached our house, the entire home was warm and cozy inside. We didn’t have this sort of privilege when I was growing up in the 1990s, but I wish we did.


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The apartment in Evansville is nicer than the other place

My boyfriend and I used to live in a small apartment about 20 minutes away from Evansville, Indiana.

  • It was cramped but really zozy for the two of us.

I was working at the nursing home and my boyfriend was working as an HVAC technician. We were doing our best to pay the bills and save money, but it was difficult. When my boyfriend was offered a promotion to move to the Evansville branch of the HVAC Center, we decided to look at a couple of places for rent. We found an apartment very quickly and it was only a 3-mile drive to the HVAC Center. I decided to quit my job at the nursing home so I could find something closer to our apartment in Evansville. My boyfriend and I are very happy in our new apartment. It is a lot nicer than the place we were living before. This apartment has central heat and air conditioning. We can easily adjust the indoor temperature by turning the thermostat up or down. The last apartment was much different. One of the rooms had a radiator that was connected to a boiler. The boiler was loud and the radiators made it difficult to control the indoor temperature. It was often too hot or too cold. The smallest adjustment of the dial changed the temperature by 10 or 12 degrees. When we moved to the apartment in Evansville, we were excited about the programmable thermostat in our apartment. It was one of the updated features and includes programmable options as well as a reminder to change the air filter.
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Going to the conference for my issues

I stopped at the closest store that I could find as soon as I got to Toronto

It’s strenuous having a rare genetic disorder, especially if it isn’t even named yet. I spent far too many years going to medical workers who offered me weird looks. It wasn’t until I saw a specialist in another state that I was finally given a different diagnosis and a quality drug-treatment plan. Although my health has improved over the years, I still struggle with symptoms on a week to week basis. Thankfully the medications have improved over time, however I’m constantly looking at current treatments when they’re available. That’s why I like to visit the annual international conference for people with my kind of genetic disorder. A lot of the conference is dominated by drug industry representatives trying to advertise current medication treatments, however sometimes they’re easily good. My health improved considerably after changing to a single of the medications that was released in the past many years. And it was at this annual international conference where I first learned about this amazing drug. This year the conference is being held in the amazing lakeside city, Toronto, Ontario. To be honest, this will be my first time going to visit Canada. I had to change my passport and bring my COVID vaccine information card. I’m staying at a hotel near the CN Tower, which I visited on my unquestionably first morning in Toronto. Seeing the city from thousands of feet above was amazing, especially after getting stoned on cannabis products. I stopped at the closest store that I could find as soon as I got to Toronto. I obtained cannabis vaporizer cartridges because they’re so straight-forward to conceal in public.

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Where I smoked in school

Since I grew up in Michigan, my main method was to attend university at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

My family raised me in a small city outside of Ann Arbor and we drove by the campus officially whenever we’d drive into the city to shop at a mall or large department shop.

It wasn’t a matter of getting accepted that made it impossible to attend that place. In fact, I was accepted immediately after I put in the application. However, the in-state tuition was still too high for me to afford, even with the scholarships that I secured. I am a visual artist and had many scholarships from competitions that I had won while in my teen years. Since there was a special art program at the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, I also applied there. When I was admitted in, I wasn’t expecting an offer that would reduce my tuition by roughly 79% if I decided to be a student of the University of Toronto. I accepted their offer and began preparing to be a Canadian citizen for the first time, which involved getting a passport and a school visa. Walking around Toronto with my parents for the first time was a neat experience. We got to see the CN Tower, and of course the gorgeous Queen’s Park right outside the University of Toronto university campus. While I was a student, I spent many mornings wandering around Queen’s Park with a lit sploof, which is a cigarette with cannabis and tobacco mixed. Back then you had to purchase all of your campus off the black market, however nowadays Toronto has over 200 legal cannabis dispensaries to shop at.

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My cat and I go to the park and smoke

I grew up in a family of pet oriented people.

We had a white cat when I was born and he lived around 10 years.

After he passed away, we had an orange tabby, man coon, and a siamese cat in that order. Now that I’m in my mid 20s living alone in the York city of Toronto, I have a cat of my own. He’s a grey tabby and I adopted him when a close neighbor living in Quebec had a litter of kitties and couldn’t get rid of them all. Although I wasn’t necessarily looking for a cat, let alone a kitten, he was such a cute baby that I couldn’t say no! I ended up naming him Mr. Green after my favorite movie Clue. Despite any concerns I might have once harbored regarding my ability to care for Mr. Green, I’m harshly thrilled that I adopted him because he gives me a sense of love that I didn’t have living 100% alone in my Toronto apartment. It’s also nice having a friend who doesn’t judge me for my cannabis use! Recreational cannabis is legal countrywide in Canada and I love going to see many dispensaries in Toronto. I have a dry-herb weed vaporizer that I like to throw in my pants when I take my cat on walks in Cedarville Park. I take Arlington Ave until I get to the opening of the Park. Once I’m safely in the park and away from traffic, I get my cannabis vaporizer out of my pocket and start taking puffs of vapor. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy Toronto’s many parks than with a dry-herb weed vaporizer in your pocket and a cute cat at the end of a leash. Next week Mr. Green can come to Sunnybrook Park in my car.


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A weed marriage

I’m a usual cannabis user, but I don’t know how our older relatives from rural areas in Ontario are going to feel about blunts and joints being handed out along with booze.

We were all admittedly surprised when my brother announced his engagement. His girlfriend at the time had been going back and forth about wanting a long term relationship with my brother. Apparently he finally proposed after a guilt-trip about their living situation. I hate to say it, but I assume the girlfriend feared losing my brother and his beach house and having to live out of her car while trying to make it on her own. Hopefully marrying my brother isn’t a bargaining chip to prevent him from leaving her. Still, I am trying to be supportive of my brother. That’s why I went to his wedding but I wasn’t supportive of his decision to marry that gal. We all live in Toronto and the whole country has had legal recreational cannabis for more than two years now. Although my sibling had expressed a desire to get married at the Casa Loma castle for years now, we only found out at the last minute that he intended it to be a weed-infused birthday. I’m a usual cannabis user, but I don’t know how our older relatives from rural areas in Ontario are going to feel about blunts and joints being handed out along with booze. They obtained the weed from a variety of cannabis dispensaries around Toronto and Scarborough. I heard they were going to offer marijuana drinks as well. Although I was enthusiastic to visit the 18th century castle Casa Loma for the first time as a birthday guest, not even the added factor of cannabis consumption can get me enthusiastic for their dreadful wedding.


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Vape pens when we skate

Growing up in Ontario, my family constantly went ice skating in the winter season.

When I was just a kid there was an outdoor rink in our small city that we’d frequent, however after moving to Toronto we started going to indoor skating rinks around the city.

Most of my friends in middle school and high school would hang out at the ice skating rinks because the cost of admission was so low at the time. There were usually games inside the ice skating rinks as well, and we’d often find our friends from school in the arcade, the tiny pizza joints inside, or out on the ice rinks. Even though I’m much older now, I still love going ice skating when I can get time away from work. It’s easily refreshing feeling the rush of cold air being on the ice, especially with the feeling of gliding that accompanies it. Recently my best friend and I decided to spend our date night at the Scarborough Civic Center ice skating for a few hours. But before going to the Scarborough Civic Center, we stopped at a cannabis dispensary near Sherwood Park on Blythwood Rd. We obtained disposable cannabis vape pens so we could conceal them heading into the ice skating rink at the Scarborough Civic Center. We decided to take hits off our pens in the separate male and female restrooms instead of risking it in plain sight. Since they had outlawed nicotine vaporizers in the Civic Center, we didn’t want to press our luck with our cannabis vaporizers. Recreational cannabis might be legal in Toronto and the rest of Canada, however that doesn’t mean you can use it in any business or public site. There are clear restrictions stated into the Cannabis Act of Canada.


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