Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum after stopping at a cannabis dispensary

Therefore, my wife and I focus on indoor activities whenever we want to spend a day out of the house.

My wife and I have been living in Toronto for the past three years after she accepted a teaching position at the University of Toronto. She has a PhD in sociology and had struggled to remain employed at the last school she worked at in New York. We’re happy living in Canada despite the weather somehow being colder than New York. It’s like we don’t even get a proper summer season as the weather just starts to drop each week at the end of August. And since we live so close to Lake Ontario while we’re stationed in Toronto, we get a lot of lake effect snow and cold temperatures. It’s beautiful to visit places along the lake like Woodbine Beach when the weather is mild in the middle of summer, but I couldn’t handle the wind for longer than a few minutes if I drove there or to Tommy Thompson park in December, January, or February. Although it’s March here in Toronto, the weather is still below 0 degrees celsius. Therefore, my wife and I focus on indoor activities whenever we want to spend a day out of the house. Yesterday we visited the Royal Ontario Museum after stopping at a nearby cannabis dispensary that we had never seen before. The museum is adjacent to Queens Park which is a gorgeous place to walk with a romantic partner, especially during the holiday season when there are lights out on display. We found the new cannabis dispensary by scanning through google and whatever came up on our maps app. It’s on Bloor Street near the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.



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Orland Park is the place I call home

Orland Park, Illinois is a beautiful city with lots of interesting and fun places to visit.

  • The village has more than 50 different recreational parks, nature trails, and sporting arenas.

One of my favorite places is the Centennial Park Aquatic Center. My family and I have been going there during the summer every year since it opened. I was a sophomore in high school when the Centennial Park Aquatic Center in Orland Park, Illinois opened for business. The Aquatic Center has several water slides and two different pools. It is also home to one of the largest play areas for children. During the heat of summer, a cool dip in the pool is refreshing. The winter wonderland ice rink is also a really cool place to hang out during the cold and icy months. The ice rink is free to use and open during the cold months of the year. Most people bring their own ice skates, but there is a small shack that rents ice skates to the public. During my senior year of high school, I worked at the ice rink all winter long. I earn $5 an hour and my boss paid me with cash. I sat inside of the shack and rented ice skates to visitors. There was a small heater inside of the shack that I kept my hands and feet from freezing. The heater was barely big enough for the small room, but it worked extremely well. I really enjoyed working at the ice rink that winter and it is probably one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t get into trouble that year of school.

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Could be a good honeymoon destination

It has been tough with COVID and planning a honeymoon. My fiance and I had grand plans to travel abroad to a new country for our honeymoon. It looks like that isn’t going to work. Finding somewhere in the United States was tough. I decided to book a smaller trip in hopes that the two of us can have an international honeymoon next year. For right now I have four days planned in Eugene Oregon for the two of us. It seems like an odd pick but there is quite a bit to do there. Thankfully the two of us will happen to be there in peak grape season. There are tons of wineries that offer tastings. I also can get my hands on fresh grapes, jams, jellies and juice. I am a big grape fan obviously. There are bike trails, markets, gardens and parks that the two of us can go to. I kind of like that the area is very chill, calm and low key. Another pro is that legal weed is allowed there. My fiance and I could visit a cannabis dispensary if we want to. The two of us have never lived in a state that allows for recreational cannabis, so it could be quite an experience. I don’t really like getting drunk and being crazy. You have to be wild at least one day on the honeymoon right? A trip to a cannabis store could be that fun day for us. I am not keen on smoking flowers or oil, but there are edibles that could be a good time.

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I can manage during the winters in Cocoa without any form of indoor heat

When the weather gets warmer again we’ll start spending weekends at Cocoa Beach if we can find a parking spot and an open space on the sand near the water

When my girlfriend asked if I would consider moving with her if she found a good job in another state, my mind was confused at first. I hadn’t thought about it before and had no idea what state she had in mind. There were certainly places I didn’t like to begin with, but my intense love for her pushed me to respond with a “yes” without much hesitation. To my surprise and elation, she was planning on moving to Cocoa, Florida. This city is unique in its location, being just a few miles away from both the Kennedy and Cape Canaveral space stations. The famous Cocoa Beach is a few miles farther down the same highway that takes you to Cape Canaveral. There are numerous marshes, canals, rivers, and lakes to explore with kayaks as well. I love Lake Poinsett and the St. John’s river which empties into it. Off Merritt Island there is the Banana River Aquatic Preserve and the Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary. I spent my first year in Cocoa simply exploring and discovering the city. When it finally came time for the first winter season here, I expected that we would use our central furnace on and off whenever temperatures dropped below 50 degrees at night. Fortunately we didn’t even need the central furnace, or any space heaters, for the duration of the first winter in Cocoa. It never got colder than 65 degrees in our house at night so we didn’t see any reason to waste electricity on running the furnace. When the weather gets warmer again we’ll start spending weekends at Cocoa Beach if we can find a parking spot and an open space on the sand near the water. All in all, we feel lucky that we love our new city so much.


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Theatre and weed

I am a big fan of going to the theater. If I want to see the ballet or an orchestra, the Lobero theatre Santa Barbara has what I need. A night out to the theatre is just a fun time for me. My husband and I get really dressed up and go to a fancy dinner. Then when we get a little boozed up on some Californian wine and attend the theatre warm and loose. Watching dance or listening to music is so relaxing. It makes for a different evening out. By the way the performance is over, we are sober and able to drive home. My husband and I have gotten into a tradition of stopping at the local weed dispensary after the show. We start the evening class and end it not so much. We get a ton of edibles from the weed shop, get in our PJs and usually mow down in front of the TV in the living room. There is something so fun about ending the day that way. The two of us get kind of giggling and wild. We sometimes talk about the performance, watch a movie or just enjoy each other’s company. I don’t know how people in other states have fun. Some locations don’t even have really good theatre. Quite a few states still don’t have legal cannabis. What do you do for fun? How can you enjoy an evening without a little weed to keep the party going? I feel so sad for those states and hope they get their act in gear soon. They are missing out.

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Glad I am not too hot anymore

When it comes down to it, I would rather be too cold than too hot.

I feel it is easy to bundle up in layers, crank the heating system and be comfortable.

When it is too hot, I just feel cranky. I hate the heat that makes it difficult to breathe. I don’t like it when my crotch, butt and armpits are all swampy. I hate that the heat makes it difficult to do anything outside. I lived down south my entire life and decided that I had enough with the heat. A person can only get sunburned so many times. I was sick of living my life in the AC. I chose to move to Glenview Illinois and I haven’t regretted that decision since. Illinois is quite cold. Even in the summer months it doesn’t get that high. Peak summer temperatures are maybe in the 80s. Most of the time the weather is going to be crisp and cool. I like that I can actually wear pants and a jacket. I like that I no longer own an air conditioner. It just wasn’t a feasible purchase. I do however own a really good heating system. I have a gas fireplace in the living room and an upstairs electric heater. September to April is the peak time to turn on the heating system. Most people are appalled that I live in cool weather that long. I really don’t mind it. I actually get to experience snow and I can garden outside as long as I want to now.


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She bought a huge air purifier for the bedroom

I grew up in a small city in Pennsylvania, but I moved to Florida as soon as I turned 18.

I had a cousin living in Tampa Bay and she offered to let me sleep on her couch.

It sounded like a lot of fun to move to Florida, so I packed all of my bags and hopped on a train for the first time in my life. I lived in the Tampa Bay area for 30 years and then my mom decided to visit. It was the first time she visited ever. It was a surprise to see her and she actually enjoyed going to Tampa and seeing all of the sites. At the end of her 2-week visit, we still had not gone downtown or taken a trip to the beach. I talked my mom into moving down to Tampa Bay with me. When she moved to the city, the first thing she did was complain about the heat and humidity. I told my mom that I had an easy solution for that problem. I bought a window air conditioner with heat and a dehumidifier function. I honestly thought it was the perfect solution, because my mom would be able to use the machine throughout the entire year. My mom was unhappy that the heating and air conditioning machine did not have an air-purifying feature. She decided to go online and she ordered an air purifier from a local Tampa heating and AC store. The following day they were at the house for 4 hours installing a huge air purifier in my mom’s bedroom.

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I wasn't going all day without getting high

One of the reasons that I chose to attend a college in California is because the state has legal.

The state of California regulations are much more lenient than any other place I considered going to school.

When I was accepted to my choice college, San Francisco bay was the place I wanted to stay. We went to Angel Island State Park for the day so we could study some of the native birds. I love the bay area location and it isn’t too far from our school. I was excited about the trip, and I went to the dispensary the night before so I could pick up some things for the day. I knew my friends were going to worry about getting caught smoking cannabis on a school trip, but I wasn’t worried at all. We bought a couple of disposable vape pens that have virtually no scent or odor. I wasn’t going all day without getting high. The first chance we broke into small groups to study on our own, I got out the vape pen and started puffing as fast as I could. I got a severe head buzz, because I didn’t wait long enough between the puffs. I started coughing and choking and I nearly passed out. My friends scattered when I started coughing. They were worried about getting caught with weed, but I was fighting for my life. Some friends those guys turned out to be. The rest of the day I spent alone, but I didn’t have to share my vape pen with anybody else.
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The cannabis shop had tons of specials

My wife and I didn’t have a ton of money for our honeymoon, so we decided to do something that was fun and close to home.

We live in Los Angeles, but we spent an entire week in San Francisco.

Both my wife and I have visited San Francisco in the past, but only for a day trip. We stayed at a five-star hotel very close to San Francisco Bay. Each morning we took an Uber to a different location. We visited that beach and the bay, but my favorite part of the trip was Point Reyes National Seashore. My wife and I had to rent a car to take the trip, because it was a long drive from our San Francisco hotel to the location. Before we spent the day in Point Reyes, we went to a recreational marijuana shop. My wife and I thought it might be fun to get high and spend the day at the beach. The marijuans shop was only a block away from the interstate, so we didn’t have to worry about getting lost. It was a ton of fun to visit the dispensary and we found some really great deals on marijuana supplies. We didn’t have to spend a fortune to try the marijuana plant for the first time. My wife and I got some edible cannabis treats and we continued to dose throughout the day so we didn’t lose our buzz. The day at the shore was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was the perfect place for our honeymoon.


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The first time I ever heard about Albuquerque

The Simpsons has been on TV for so long it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t on! I remember watching the show when I was new, before I could even drive a car, and now I am almost 50 and the show is still making new episodes! Some twenty years ago I remember watching an episode about the local Springfield baseball team being bought out and moved to the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The show was a comedy, of course, but played it like the city itself was evil, run by the sinister Mayor of Albuquerque, who laughed like a madman.

I don’t know why that episode stuck with me for so long, but whenever anyone mentioned Albuquerque I would steeple my fingers together and laugh at the old joke. Funny story, I actually went to New Mexico a few months ago, and decided to take a day trip to Albuquerque to check it out firsthand. First of all, I love that there is actually a local baseball team called the Albuquerque Isotopes, which is a direct reference to that same Simpsons episode! Second of all, I have to say that the nicest, most welcoming cannabis dispensary I have ever seen was in Albuquerque, and it was nice enough that it made me want to move there! Albuquerque is one of the many places in America that is pot-friendly, but for some reason this place feels different. Maybe it’s just all the blowback from Breaking Bad about meth use in Albuquerque, but this city embraces it’s cannabis users and treats them with respect.

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How could I live anywhere other than Denver?

Initially I moved to Denver for a job and a girlfriend.

Two years later the girlfriend had left me and the job had fired me, and yet I stayed here.

At that point I had fallen in love with this city, and knew I did not want to live anywhere else. I bounced around a lot of different jobs, never finding one I liked, but just enjoying the sense of community this place offers. I wound up working for a local cannabis dispensary, a brand new one that was just opening its doors, and I have been here ever since. The thing that I love most about living in Denver is that I get all the benefits of a city, and yet I am only a five minute drive from the great outdoors. Almost every weekend is spent in the woods south of Denver hiking, or rock climbing, or sometimes even white water rafting! As big as the city of Denver has gotten over the decades, the city planners were always smart enough to not destroy the surrounding countryside, because it is so beautiful. In general, Colorado is the most picturesque state in the nation, but I personally think that Denver is the most picturesque area in the state! Denver has world class sports teams, Michelin star rated restaurants, and access to the most breathtaking natural sights you will ever see. And the cannabis dispensaries here are the best in the world, if you ask me. The question isn’t “why would you want to come to Denver?” the question is “how could you possibly want to live anywhere else?”

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Famous songs about Seattle

There are a lot of famous cities that have inspired music, books, and works of art. The first ones that always come to mind are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, and London. These are seen as being glamorous and romantic places. It was only recently, when I started working on a playlist for work, that I realized how many great songs were written about Seattle, Washington. I have lived in Seattle my whole life, and have heard many of these songs before, just didn’t realize they were about my hometown. Sir Mix-a-lot is well known for his hit Baby Got Back, but his best song is called Posse on Broadway, and is a detailed look at a Seattle neighborhood. Hard rockers Queensryche wrote a couple of songs about Seattle, but the most famous is probably Jet City Woman. And then there are all the songs with the title of Seattle, including classics by Public Image Limited, Cop Shoot Cop, Classic Crime, and MArk Knopflew of the Dire Straits! One of our great local cannabis dispensaries hosts a music festival every year, and this year I want to have a host of Seattle bands that play hometown classics. For me, great music and great cannabis go hand in hand, so I never miss a chance to see a live show. One of the many great things about Seattle is that it is never hard to find a live music show. Another great thing is that cannabis dispensaries are open far and wide, which is something someone should write a song about!
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