The guy was calling from Littleton, but I agreed to help

Several years ago, I started a business working on furnaces and other heating machines. I knew Denver was the perfect place for a small heating installation and repair company, because the winter weather is commonly called. Even though the lower elevations don’t have a lot of snow and ice, it’s still very cold during the winter months. Heat is required if you want to stay warm. I try to stay on the East and Northern side of Denver, but there are some times when I take a job down towards Littleton. I was in Littleton last month working on a commercial furnace repair. A residential customer saw my repair truck and called for an estimate and repair. It was weeks later and I didn’t have any plans to travel that far so I recommended a local service to the customer. The woman told me that she already used the local services and she wasn’t happy with any of their services. She offered to pay an extra fee for my drive time. The woman sounded serious, so I decided to help out. When I was finished working on the current furnace repair, I went to the customer. She definitely needed a new furnace, but she didn’t want to hear the news. That’s why she was contacting another repair company. Every service company in the city had already recommended a new machine, but she was convinced they were all lying. She didn’t seem very happy with the same news from me, but I hope she will consider using my company to make the replacement. The furnace is not going to work again, even if she called a hundred different heating repair companies.


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It was bright and sunny in Denver

My friends and I enjoy many different winter sports, but snowboarding is absolutely one of our favorite activities.

We have been to a number of different ski resorts all over the country.

Denver is an area that has a lot of skiing activities. There are at least a dozen different resorts just a few hours away from Denver. There are also a number of hotels and lodges available in the city. You don’t have to stay in a remote location to enjoy the ski resort, so I prefer to stay in downtown Denver where there is a lot of nightlife, bars, clubs, and restaurants. The lodge at the resort is very nice, but they only offer a few activities and dining in the restaurant. My friends and I spent two weeks in Denver last winter. The weather was very warm and sunny while we were there. We went to Keystone at night, but during the day my friends and I decided to play a couple of rounds of golf. We enjoyed 18 holes at three different local courses. I had a great time while we visited Colorado and one of the best parts about our stay was the hotel accommodations. The nationally-known chain was reasonably priced at $60 a night, but the hotel was clean with updated amenities and furnishings. My room had an electric fireplace that provided plenty of warm air and comfort during the two-week stay. I kept the electric fireplace running most of the time, but at night I also used the LED lighting. It made the room glow with green, red, and blue colors.


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The delay at the airport caused us to miss the connecting flight

I always prefer to take direct flights, because I don’t like to worry about connections.

I got lost in an airport one time and I missed my connecting flight.

I had to beg the airline to let me change my ticket and they were going to charge a $75 fee. I have always been worried about connecting flights, so I travel direct whenever possible. My wife wanted to go to Denver this winter. I wasn’t particularly excited about going to Denver, because I knew it was going to be cold with lots of ice and snow. My wife said she would make all of the preparations so I wouldn’t have to be bothered by the trip information. A few days before we were scheduled to leave, I asked my wife about the airline information. She started for a moment and then she dropped the bad news. We had a connecting flight on our way to Denver. I was aggravated when we left the house and I didn’t talk to my wife until we were at the airport. The cold weather in Denver was the least of my problems. Our home flight was delayed due to problems with the plane heating system. My wife and I barely made our connecting flight. The place was boarding when we got off our original and first flight. I didn’t say a word to my wife. The next time we make plans for travel, I’m going to handle all of the plans and accommodation. I’m never going to get stuck in that situation ever again.

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Some customers make me crazy

Last Sunday night, I was working the late shift at the restaurant.

I have been a server since I moved to Denver.

I was hoping to land a job at a cannabis dispensary, but I still haven’t received a phone call for an interview. I had to find a job in Denver fast if I planned to stay. The restaurant down the street from my roommate’s apartment had a Help Wanted sign in the window so I went inside to apply. The manager and owner of the restaurant agreed to try me out the next night and I have been working at the restaurant since then. I do my best to make every customer happy. After all, happy customers tend to leave bigger tips. Some customers make me absolutely crazy. A woman was on vacation in Denver and she came to the restaurant for dinner. She informed me that she was a tourist six or seven different times. She tried to get an appetizer for free and then she started complaining about the heat. I offered to move the lady to a different table so she was no longer under the heating vent. She didn’t want to get up in the middle of her meal but she didn’t have any problem complaining about the heat throughout the rest of the meal. When the customer finally left the table, there was a $2 tip on the bill. I was angry and furious and I wanted to give the lady a piece of my mind, but I need the job to pay the rent.

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It was a hot day to go the zoo in Denver, Colorado

There are even some places around Denver that offer free admission to children

When the kids are home all summer for vacation, I try to take them out of the house for some education and fun activities. Each year we buy a season pass to the zoo in Denver. The season pass doesn’t cost a lot of money for our entire family and we can visit as often as we like throughout the year. Our particular season pass includes entry to the exhibits within the zoo that cost extra and we don’t have any blackout dates either. I wanted to take the kids to the zoo last Sunday. A new exhibit opened up and I was excited to see the animals. The weather didn’t want to cooperate. I watched the news and the weather that morning and the Denver forecast was excessive heat. I decided to change our plans when I found out that the weather in Denver was going to be very warm. I didn’t want the kids to be miserable and I didn’t want to spend all day in the heat either. Instead of going to the zoo, we decided to go to the aquarium. Denver has so many wonderful activities for families and children. Many are indoors with air conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter. It’s easy to find something to do, especially on the weekends. There are even some places around Denver that offer free admission to children. I try to take the kids when there are no fees. With four children, an outing in Denver can be an expensive day. Free admission takes away some of the costs and financial burden.
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The delivery driver was new to the area

My girlfriend and I decided to stay in on Friday night. Most weekends we would go to a bar or a restaurant to have dinner with our friends. It was very cold and the forecast was snow. I didn’t want to get stuck anywhere in the bad weather, so I suggested staying in for the evening. My girlfriend and I ordered a movie on the pay-per-view Channel. We paid $19 to see a movie that just came to the theater. It was a mystery suspense movie with my actor. My girlfriend and I also ordered takeout. I wanted Chinese, but she wanted pizza. We decided to call both places. We made it a race to see who got their food faster and my girlfriend one. Since she won the contest, we ordered recreational Cannabis from a Denver dispensary. The Denver dispensary had free delivery for all orders over $50. My girlfriend and I purchased an ace dried marijuana flower and we also purchased a disposable vape pen with live resin marijuana concentrate. The cannabis delivery took a lot longer than either one of our food deliveries. When the driver finally arrived with our cannabis order, he apologized for the delay. The guy was new to the area and having a hard time finding all of the addresses. He only recently moved to Denver and is still getting used to the highways and the geography. He was friendly and nice and our order was correct, so we still gave the guy a good tip when he left the apartment. My girlfriend and I had a great night at home and we avoided a major snow storm that started dumping snow on the region at 7 p.m. and didn’t stop until the next morning.


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Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum

My wifey in addition to I have been living in Toronto for the past multiple years after she accepted a teaching position at the University of Toronto.

She has a PhD in sociology in addition to had struggled to remain emplotted at the last university she worked at in New York.

We’re happy living in Canada despite the weather somehow being colder than New York. It’s adore all of us don’t even get a typical summer time season as the weather just starts to drop each week at the end of September. And since all of us live so close to Lake Ontario while we’re stationed in Toronto, all of us get a lot of lake effect snow in addition to chilly un-even temperatures. It’s appealing to visit arenas along the lake adore Woodbine Beach when the weather is mild in the middle of summer, despite the fact that I couldn’t handle the wind for longer than a few hours if I drove there or to Tommy Thompson park in December, December, or December. Although it’s May here in Toronto, the weather is still below 0 degrees celsius. Therefore, my wifey in addition to I focus on indoor activities whenever all of us want to spend a afternoon out of the house. Yesterday all of us visited the Royal Ontario Museum after stopping at a nearby cannabis dispensary that all of us had never seen before. The museum is adjacent to Queens Park which is a gorgeous arena to walk with a loving partner, especially while I was in the holiday season when there are lights out on display. Every one of us found the current cannabis dispensary by scanning through google in addition to whatever came up on our maps app. It’s on Bloor Street near the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

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My Tampa Bay home needs quality air conditioning

I grew up in a small neighborhood in PA, however I moved to FL as soon as I turned 18, however i had a cousin living in Tampa Bay and she gave to let myself and others sleep on her couch.

It sounded care about a lot of fun to transfer to FL, so I packed all of our bags and hopped on a train for the first time in our life.

I lived in the Tampa Bay section for 30 years and then our mom decided to visit. It was the first time she visited ever. It was a surprise to see her and she certainly appreciated going to Tampa and seeing all of the sites, however at the end of her 2-week visit, we still had not gone downtown or taken a trip to the beach. I talked our mom into moving down to Tampa Bay with me, however when she moved to the city, the first thing she did was complain about the heat and humidity. I told our mom that I had an straight-forward solution for that problem. I purchased a window a/c with heat and a dehumidifier function. I really thought it was the perfect solution, because our mom would be able to use the component throughout the entire year, however my mom was unhappy that the heating and a/c component did not have an air-purifying feature! She decided to go online and she ordered an whole-house air purifier from a local Tampa heating and A/C store, but the following afternoon they were at the beach house for 4 fourths installing a huge whole-house air purifier in our mom’s bedroom.

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I wasn't going all morning without getting high

One of the reasons that I chose to attend a school in CA is because the state has legal.

  • The state of CA regulations are much more lenient than any other locale I considered going to school, and when I was accepted to our choice school, San Francisco bay was the locale I wanted to stay.

The two of us went to Angel Island State Park for the morning so the two of us could learn some of the native birds. I prefer the bay part location & it isn’ttoo far from our school. I was happy about the trip, & I went to the dispensary the night before so I could pick up some things for the morning. I knew our friends were going to worry about getting caught smoking cannabis on a school trip, even though I wasn’t worried at all. The two of us obtained a couple of disposable vape pens that have virtually no scent or stink. I wasn’t going all morning without getting high. The first occasion the two of us broke into small groups to learn on our own, I got out the vape pen & started puffing as fast as I could. I got a severe head buzz, because I didn’t wait long enough between the puffs. I started coughing & choking & I nearly passed out. My friends scattered when I started coughing. They were worried about getting caught with weed, even though I was fighting for our life, some friends those gentlemen turned out to be. The rest of the morning I spent alone, even though I did not have to share our vape pen with anybody else.


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The cannabis shop had tons of specials

My fiance & I did not have a ton of money for our honeymoon, so the two of us decided to do something that was fun & close to home, then the two of us live in Los Angeles, but the two of us spent an entire week in San Francisco! Both our fiance & I have visited San Francisco in the past, but only for a morning trip.

The two of us stayed at a 5-star hotel particularly close to San Francisco Bay, and each morning the two of us took an Uber to a weird location.

The two of us visited that beach & the bay, but our favorite part of the trip was Point Reyup National Seashore. My fiance & I had to rent a vehicle to take the trip, because it was a long drive from our San Francisco hotel to the location. Before the two of us spent the morning in Point Reyup, the two of us went to a recreational marijuana shop. My fiance & I thought it might be fun to get high & spend the morning at the beach. The marijuans shop was only a block away from the interstate, so the two of us did not have to worry about getting lost. It was a ton of fun to visit the dispensary & the two of us found some really great deals on marijuana supplies. The two of us did not have to spend a luck to try the marijuana plant for the first time. My fiance & I got some edible cannabis treats & the two of us continued to dose throughout the morning so the two of us did not lose our buzz. The morning at the shore was a single of the most memorable experiences of our life. It was the perfect locale for our honeymoon.
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The cannabis shop had a lot of of specials

The people I was with and I did not have to spend a luck to try the marijuana plant for the first time

My partner and I did not have a ton of money for our honeymoon, so all of us decided to do something that was fun and close to home. The people I was with and I live in Los Angeles, however all of us spent an entire week in San Francisco, then both my partner and I have visited San Francisco in the past, however only for a afternoon trip. The people I was with and I stayed at a numerous-star hotel certainly close to San Francisco Bay! Each afternoon all of us took an Uber to a odd location. The people I was with and I visited that beach and the bay, however my number one area of the trip was Point Reyes National Seashore, however my partner and I had to rent a car to take the trip, because it was a long drive from our San Francisco hotel to the location. Before all of us spent the afternoon in Point Reyes, all of us decided to go to a recreational marijuana shop. My partner and I thought it might be fun to get high and spend the afternoon at the beach. The marijuans shop was only a block away from the interstate, so all of us did not have to worry about getting lost, it was a ton of fun to visit the dispensary and all of us found some certainly good deals on marijuana supplies. The people I was with and I did not have to spend a luck to try the marijuana plant for the first time. My partner and I got some edible cannabis treats and all of us continued to dose throughout the afternoon so all of us did not lose our buzz. The afternoon at the shore was 1 of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was the perfect place for our honeymoon.


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The trip I had planned to Albuquerque

The Simpsons has been on cable for so long it’s difficult to imagine a time when it wasn’t on! I remember watching the show when I was new, before I could even drive a car, and now I am almost 50 and the show is still making current episodes! Some twenty years ago I remember watching an episode about the local Springtimefield baseball team being purchased out and moved to the city of Albuquerque, NM… The show was a comedy, of course, however played it like the city itself was evil, run by the sinister Mayor of Albuquerque, who laughed like a madman… I don’t guess why that episode stuck with me for so long, however whenever anyone mentioned Albuquerque I would steeple our fingers together and laugh at the seasoned joke, funny story, I entirely went to NM a few months ago, and decided to take a afternoon trip to Albuquerque to check it out firsthand.

First of all, I like that there is entirely a local baseball team called the Albuquerque Isotopes, which is a direct reference to that same Simpsons episode! Second of all, I have to say that the nicest, most welcoming cannabis dispensary I have ever seen was in Albuquerque, and it was nice enough that it made me want to move there! Albuquerque is 1 of the several places in America that is pot-friendly, however for some reason this place feels different, then maybe it’s just all the blowback from Breaking Bad about meth use in Albuquerque, however this city embraces it’s cannabis users and treats them with respect.

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