The CityPass is one great deal for visitors and residents

San Francisco has a lot of attractions and cultural events.

There are more than a thousand different things to see and do in San Francisco.

One of the best deals for visitors and residents is the CityPass. The CityPass is a single admission ticket that includes 4 area attractions. The California Academy of Sciences is one of my favorite places to visit. It has an aquarium, rainforest, Natural History Museum, and Planetarium. Are more than 40,000 animals living inside the California aquarium. CityPass admission includes all of the exhibits. My kids and I particularly love the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. It’s open every day of the year and has more than 2,000 different exotic animals. The zoo has a lot of entertainment for the entire family including a steam train and musical carousel. No trip to the San Francisco Bay is complete without a stop to the local cannabis dispensary. There are more than 100 different cannabis shops located in the San Francisco Bay area. Some of those cannabis shops are even close to the attractions that are listed on the City Pass. Since California has legal recreational and medical marijuana, there is no reason not to enjoy these fun and cultural activities with a little buzz. I don’t smoke weed everyday, but I don’t mind enjoying cannabis on the weekend. When my friends and I spend the day in San Francisco, we usually park our cars near the cityPass station and take the trolley all over town. It’s a fun and enjoyable day and a great way to relax.

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The two of us moved to Cali in the 90’s

My wife Max plus I decided to start over in San Francisco, California, right after the several of us finished university.

Max was studying laptop design and graphics plus software applications plus I was studying engineering.

The several of us found careers in San Francisco plus both of us moved some weeks later. Max and I have been living in San Francisco, California for the past 25 years. Max and I have seen a lot of changes during that time. One major change has been the laws regarding marijuana. When Max and I moved out here to California, marijuana was still very much illegal. Now it is legal for both medical plus recreational purposes, then recreational marijuana sales bring in billions in revenue every year. There are marijuana dispensaries located all through the state. San Francisco has a high concentration of marijuana dispensaries. Max plus I didn’t use marijuana products until recently, when the doctor said it would help with my anxiety plus depression. The two of us have several local dispensaries with stellar prices that are both competitive plus realistic. Even though a lot of things have changed during the past 25 years, our wife plus I still appreciate a appealing relationship. Max and I have 3 children plus the youngest is about to graduate from high university in a few weeks. The two of us have been genuinely cheerful here in San Francisco for a long time, however after the youngsters have gone both of us will entirely transfer to the country plus leave San Francisco life behind. I’m tired of dealing with traffic plus tourists every single day plus I would like to find a quiet place with a couple of acres of farmland.
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Fun free things I like to do in San Francisco

My wifey Max plus I decided to take a flight to San Francisco, California.

The two of us had to fly on an airplane to reach our endpoint.

The flight was over 5 hours long, so both of us were jet-lagged by the time both of us arrived. Max paid a load of currency for our hotel, however both of us were right in the middle of San Francisco nearby the Golden Gate Park. Since Max plus I spent a load of currency for the hotel, both of us didn’t have a lot of currency for activities plus excursions. Max spent several hundreds of dollars on legal marijuana supplies as well. Legal marijuana is a single 1 of the greatest reasons why our wifey plus I decided to go to San Francisco, California, instead of a few other possible endpoints on our list. This was the only endpoint with legal marijuana for recreational plus medical use. When Max plus I looked at the legal weed prices, both of us realized it was deranged not to travel to San Francisco. Luckily, there are a whole lot of free things I like to do in San Francisco. My wifey plus I took a drive down Lombard Street. Max rented a small convertible for the trip plus both of us genuinely enjoyed driving around the town with the top dropped. Lombard street is a particular road full of twists plus turns. It feels similar to a roller coaster more than a road. There are trees, flowers, plus bushes that line the sides of the road. People can either walk or drive up plus down the street or drive. The two of us took a lot of walks while both of us were visiting there as well. Lots of things can be seen from the foot paths.

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The symphony orchestra is a great place to take a date

The San Francisco Symphony is a local orchestra here in California.

It is genuinely well known in the region.

The first symphony orchestra concert happened way back in 1911. That year there were a total of five concerts. There were only fifty members in the band at that time. Since then, thousands of symphonies and orchestras have performed in the site; Guests include several famous composers plus a few living legend conductors. Since the first season, the orchestra has achieved an amazing twenty two Grammy Awards plus a single Emmy Award. The symphony orchestra in San Francisco, California, is a perfect place to take a date. It’s nice to get dressed up in a suit plus a tie plus it’s even nicer to see our wifey Bess in a ball gown. Bess and I appreciate going to the orchestra. Both of us appreciate the sound of wood instruments appreciate the cell, violin, plus flute! Very few of weeks ago, our wifey Bess plus I decided to go to the symphony orchestra for a special showing. On our way to the site, Bess stopped by a cannabis dispensary to choice up some edible cannabis treats. I appreciate buying the cannabis infused candy before both of us go to the symphony orchestra. There is something amazing about the way the songs feels when I am under the influence of cannabis. There are a handful of cannabis shops around the section where the orchestra plays, so I knew both of us would not have any problems finding something closeby. If you live in San Francisco plus you appreciate orchestra songs, I implore you to go to the symphony for a show. There is not another place that I would command for an orchestra lover appreciate myself.

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San Fran is filled with tons of great restaurants

San Francisco, CA is known for a diverse culture plus unique people.

San Francisco is filled with tons of great restaurants that genuinely reflect the wide array of people who live in the city.

There are a couple of great restaurants that I regularly appreciate plus these are a few of our favorites! Pearl 6101 is on the Richmond town limit. My favorite dish is the seared scallops, however they also have scrumptious plus tasty handmade wheat based pasta. When I am in the mood for fresh seafood, Swan Oyster Depot is a single of the best places to visit. This seafood restaurant was open the whole time that both of us were in COVID quarantine. They offered take out plus delivery services. My wifey Pat plus I ate at the Swan Oyster Depot a bunch of times while in the shelter in place order. Another of Pat’s favorite restaurants is genuinely close to a cannabis dispensary. When Pat plus I go to the cannabis dispensary, both of us constantly idea to stop at this delicious downtown restaurant for dinner or supper. Wildseed is a appealing vegan restaurant with a rich legacy in northern San Francisco. This delicious restaurant on Union Street is only a few miles away from the closest marijuana store with the best prices. It has a dairy free cheesecake plus meatless bolognese that is simply out of this world. There’s so several unusual restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines including American, Thai, Chinese, Indian, plus Hungarian. It’s easy to find something perfect for each and every person, plus that is a single of the things that adds to the appeal of San Francisco, CA.

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Fisherman’s wharf has a lot of exciting plus fun activities

After endless weeks and months of dealing with a covid-19 crisis, I was cheerful to see all of the businesses open this weekend.

The whole family plus myself went to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fisherman’s Wharf is an iconic place located in the heart of San Francisco. Tourists plus locals both appreciate dining, shopping, family attractions, and outdoor activities, plus of course the cruises around the inside of the bay. There are a lot of things I like to do around Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s quite impossible to visit all of the endpoints in a single day. Last weekend, our friends plus I decided to rent a pair of ebikes to travel the section around the Golden Gate Bridge. My friends plus I went to a cannabis dispensary right outside of San Francisco, so both of us could choose a couple of disposable vape pens. I wanted to stop at the cannabis dispensary close to the house, however their parking lot was filled with people. The two of us searched for a cannabis dispensary a bit closer to Fisherman’s Wharf. The two of us found a lot of unusual places oh, plus both of us even located a cannabis dispensary with a first-time patient special of 20% off. My friends plus I enjoyed the day at Fisherman’s Wharf, however not only did both of us ride bikes around the Golden Gate Bridge, however each of us also visited a museum plus had a genuinely nice supper at a restaurant that specializes in local Seafood. I have not had shrimp plus lobster that was this juicy plus succulent, since I moved here from up north almost more than nine years ago. California has a lot of fun activities plus amazing events, although I am extremely cheerful to call San Francisco our home.


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Taking a leisurely walk around the bay can be lots of fun

Even while in the hottest days of the summer time season, temps in San Francisco, California, are always ideal for walking around plus other outdoor activities. My family plus I like to take a walk on the weekend. There are plenty of cool places with amazing views of the city. One of the places in San Francisco that I like to visit with our wifey is Lovers lane… Lovers lane is a single of the oldest foot paths located near the Presidio. Lovers Lane is a very small section that was established in the mid 18th century. It has an appealing view of the trees plus it is genuinely a single of the prettiest places for photographs. Another spot I appreciate to walk is the financial district. The financial district is empty on the weekend. There are always food vendors, songsians, plus artists that line the streets. It is located in a flat open space of San Francisco, making it the perfect place for an day wander. The Oracle Park is also a nice place for a wander. It’s close to Fisherman’s Wharf plus spans a very sizable area. There is a view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge that is positively plus quite breathtaking. The walk on 24th Street is not easy going uphill, however it can be a fun walk around. Anytime our wifey plus I take a walk on the weekends, both of us constantly visit a cannabis dispensary to choose some items for using that day. San Francisco is located in California, where marijuana plus cannabis product sales are legal. Cannabis dispensaries can operate freely with little intervention from the state law. San Francisco also has a few areas where marijuana has been decriminalized outdoors.


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Hunting for a cheap apartment in the bay area

I decided to transfer to the coast of California when I got offered a appealing job in the San Francisco area. My salary was just above the national pay average, however it was still hard to locate any affordable apartments in San Francisco. I looked for an apartment in the Haight-Ashbury District. This is a broadly appealing community that has been called condo by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Tom Hope, plus other famous songsians plus artists. The section has everything you might need from clothing shops to dispensaries. Another section in San Francisco known as The Lone Mountain is pretty close to the University of San Francisco. The mountain has appealing views of the whole city, however it didn’t have a lot of cannabis shops. Having a close dispensary was genuinely vital to me, because that was a single of the reasons that I decided to transfer to California in the 1st place. I found a appealing work, although I use cannabis consistently. I was not living in some state with legal medical or recreational Cannabis, so it was a giant perk to find a job in a state with legal cannabis use. I ultimately decided to transfer to an section known as inner Richmond. This is pretty close to the California Academy of Science plus the Japanese Coca-Cola garden. The section covers well over 50 town blocks plus has a rich plus diverse Community. Although the rent here is a little higher than other areas around the San Francisco Bay Area, there are plenty of cannabis shops in walking distance of our apartment. One of our favorite places offers a discount off every Sunday for online orders.

Fun activities San Fransisco

July is a great month for gay pride festivals

San Francisco, California is well known for its culture plus eclectic citizens. San Francisco has become a gay Mecca in California. Each and Every year beginning in 1971, San Francisco has held some type of Pride event in the month of July… During that parade in 1971 San Francisco, flag maker Gilbert Baker created the first rainbow flag that is still used to identify and celebrate gay pride. The San Francisco gay pride event is a party, a festival plus a parade. It celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, plus transgender people and their allies, friends plus family. This year will be the 51st annual parade. It is genuinely the largest party for gay plus lesbian people in our nation. My wifey Bess plus I decided to attend the Gay Pride Festival last year. The two of us had an appealing time seeing all of San Francisco plus the Bay Area. My wifey Bess plus I ate at several unusual restaurants with Cuisines from all over the world. The two of us met some great people that were interesting plus fun. Bess plus I also tried cannabis for the first time while in last year’s gay pride event. Cannabis is totally legal in San Francisco plus the Bay area. There were more than 100 unusual cannabis stores and shops in the San Francisco section plus it was easy to find a store close to the hotel. Bess got lots of unusual cannabis supplies for our month of fun. The two of us had such an appealing time in San Francisco plus both of us idea to attend the parade plus festival again this year. Bess even has a couple of friends that are going to join us for the fun plus activities.

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I easily like going to the San Francisco zoo plus gardens

I easily like going to the San Francisco Zoo plus the Gardens; The state of California is filled to the brim with an abundance of natural beauty plus amazing zoos, however the San Francisco zoo is the most near plus dear to our heart.

There are always several appealing critters plus exhibits in rotation.

Some of the critter exhibits include birds, mammals, turtles, reptiles, bugs, invertebrates, snakes, plus amphibians. One of our favorite parts of the zoo is the African savanna habitats. It looks just like the middle of the African Savanna. There are giraffes, kudus, plus even zebras. There are several pretty African bird species as well. The habitat also has native plants that add to the diversity plus the natural beauty of the environment. I could rest plus watch the African Savanna habitat for several hours. There is even an aviary condo with several endangered bird species that appreciate the ibis plus hamerkop. I went to the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens early last Thursday. On our way to the zoo, I stopped at a single of the cannabis shops close to our end destination. I like spending all day at the zoo, although I need to consume cannabis in order to help our chronic anxiety. It can be genuinely poor when I am surrounded by hundreds of people plus loud sounds. The cannabis shop has edible tinctures, drinks, plus candy that can be discreetly devoured without alerting anyone. I tried using a vape pen at the zoo last time, however a few folks complained about the smell. I didn’t get into any trouble, although I didn’t appreciate everyone staring plus pointing either. It is far easier to consume a few cannabis edibles at the zoo.

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Killer attractions for youngsters in San Francisco

There are plenty of amazing attractions for youngsters around the San Francisco Bay Area, then one of the most impressive deals is the town pass; The San Francisco CityPASS is packed with things that adults plus children will all enjoy, but for around 71 bucks a person, you receive admission to 4 section attractions. These famous San Francisco attractions include the California Academy of Sciences, Aquarium of the Bay, the Exploratorium, the Walt Disney Museum, plus the world famous San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens, and every City Pass admission includes a cruise around the San Francisco Bay on the famous Blue & Gold Fleet. There are many unusual and unique cultural places to appreciate with the youngsters in a single day. My three youngsters like spending a lot of time at the California Academy of Sciences, however all 3 of my children are particularly interested in calculus and physics, plus hope to study in the field when they finish High School… Since a lot of these attractions are geared for children, it’s an important step to be discreet when using marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal in California, you will still get into trouble for smoking cannabis in a public place.Luckily, there are plenty of cannabis dispensaries around the San Francisco area! It’s easy to stop at a single of these stores to choose a disposable marijuana vape pen. The disposable vape pen is discrete plus small plus it gives off barely any odor at all, however when I appreciate all of the San Francisco sites with our three children, I constantly come prepared with a vape pen from the dispensary. It’s the best way to remain calm plus relaxed plus appreciate the day with our children.


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Your father certainly would enjoy a surprise trip

Father’s Day is coming soon, and almost everyone understands that dads are much more difficult to buy for than mothers are. After all, he doesn’t need another tie, correct? Do you want to take him to the same old chain steakhouse you visit all the time? Maybe you should bring Dad on a trip. If you are uncertain where to go, I have a fantastic arena in mind: Denver. The Mile High City offers a pretty good amount of things that a dad would simply love. Does your father love to have a beer or multiple? There are too many breweries in and around Denver and people have lost count! Bring Dad to Denver and provide him the experience of a brewery tour so he can declare the genuine winner. Does dad appreciate sports of any kind? Denver prefers its sports teams immensely. The Denver Broncos play at Empower Field at Mile High, and if it’s football season, why not choose to take Dad out for a night of pigskin? Even if you have no idea whatsoever what’s going on, Dad will likely be blissful regardless. Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is home to the Colorado Rockies, so if soccer is more charming, Father’s Day would be a pretty nice time to go. Their season runs from March through October, which just happens to have June in the center of it. Is dad an outdoor enthusiast? Why not pick up a few poles and find yourselves a good lunch or head out to one of the several parks to see if you can check out some eagles way up high? After an award-winning day, the more adventurous father would consider unwinding and taking advantage of the lenient laws that make marijuana legal. Think about taking your father to Denver soon!

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